Tidying Up The Old Website

This month, I am finally getting around to updating my website and adding a few new applications such as this blog.    When I was looking for new applicaitons to make the MIDNIGHT IN CHICAGO website more appealing to our visitors, my 13-year-old son strongly urged me to consider setting up a blog.  And so I did.

Over the years, my son has put me through the paces, forcing me to hit the ground of some serious technological learning curves with the speed and dedication of an Olympic sprinter.  Yes, I have a cursory knowledge of some basic computer languages, programs, applications et al and I owe it all to my son who intuitively knows his way around any system — a skill he developed as a toddler and continues to nurture to this day.

I’ve had some rough patches with a couple computer and internet savvy entrepreneurs who have minimal business acumen.  However, I have also met a number of fantastic peole who are computer and internet savvy and I thank them for painstakingly explaining to me what comes so easily to my son.

So in this first blog, I would like to thank Trevor Norris of IndiePool, Mike Castell of NP Media Business Solutions and Frank Levine for coming through when I need their help the most.


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