Watch Out For Curves!

Amazingly enough, just when I think I can coast for the rest of the month when it comes to the learning curve, I find myself on the Education Super Highway, traveling at breakneck speeds I can only imagine as being possible.

I am a musician and a composer, a singer-songwriter and arranger, a vocalist and a sideman.  I am not a videographer and I am not a video director.  And yet, this week I found myself learning the basics of video creation in order to up the value of my EPK.

Now I have the utmost respect for people who direct and produce videos for a living and if I had a few thousand dollars knocking about, looking for a place to hang out, I would definitely hire professionals to create videos for the songs on the “Countdown To Midnight” CD.

That being said, my money is being wisely invested in sound recordings and in my child who was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in April of this year (there will be more on MG in subsequent posts in 2009).  This means that the Education Super Highway is the only other option available to me at this time.

I prepared myself for a fair bit of angst and anguish over the creation of a video only to learn that it is not unlike creating tracks in any of the recording programs I use on my PC and my Mac.  If you can understand the concepts required for creating excellent audio tracks, you can transfer a great deal of that knowledge over when creating good visual tracks.

A quick trip over to for copyright cleared image footage and some serious effort on the part of the person (that would be me) stripping audio from the visual, and the task of creating a video doesn’t seem quite as daunting. 

And so, after investing hours and hours into creating a video, I am proud to present it here for my fans and street team to enjoy!


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