For The Ones We Love

Several months ago, I found an amazing community of musicians and songwriters and composers, most of whom are in Europe. The music uploaded to various profile pages was enough to take your breath away and just when you thought you had probably experienced every musical genre in the world, someone would invariably post some exquisite hybrid.

One of the first people who welcomed me to was a gentle and unassuming musician by the name of Mindmovie.

Mindmovie will tell you that he has been playing for almost a lifetime now, starting out as a guitarist and growing from there. In fact, he refers to himself as a “contemporary composer and guitar player from Duesseldorf, Germany.” His humility is all the more amazing once you hear the music he produces and writes, all of which speaks loudly to his great love of all things audio.

It was at that he conceived the concept of “The Coffee Collaboration Company” affectionately known as the “C C Company.” He invited mi7 musicians, songwriters, lyricists and vocalists to co-create a piece of music with him and the response was fantastic. From this concept came four posted versions (and a fifth one not posted yet) of the same song, each one showcasing different concepts for the same song, “A Coffee With Blondie.”

In all the months I’ve known Mindmovie online, he has always been one of the most supportive, giving and intelligent people I have come to know in my lifetime. Always at the ready with just the right words to help a colleague professionally or personally, regardless of their level of proficiency, Mindmovie’s insights are clear and honest, positive and encouraging. He critiques without criticizing which is a very rare ability these days when so many are busy stepping on others in order to move ahead regardless of the industry.

Mindmovie is also a member of the band, Flaming Bess, a wonderfully talented rock group that writes and records music that weaves within its melodic lines so much history, academia, expertise and talent that it leaves the senses reeling in the best way imaginable.

When I found Mindmovie on YouTube and MySpace, I was delighted to find so many video and audio uploads in these secret, hidden parallel universes. And so, I am taking this blog entry to introduce all of you to Mindmovie as well as to Flaming Bess.

If you like what you hear, please subscribe to their YouTube and MySpace pages.

And so, my friends, with no further delays, here is Mindmovie’s “For The Ones We Love” as well as Flaming Bess’ “King For A Day.”


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    […] some of you will remember, over the months, I have written blog articles about my friend, Achim Wierschem alias Mindmovie.  He’s a solo artist whose CDs garner rave reviews and awards.  He’s […]

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