They Call It Kismet

Back about a decade ago, I got it into my head that I should write a play about relationships that would appeal to blue collar workers as well as to white collar workers. I wanted to write something that wouldn’t be so high brow as to be annoying or so vulgar as to be insulting to the audience. I worked steadfastly on this project and in scant weeks, the play was completed.

Love, Life and the Meaning of Einstein” took Albert Einstein’s theories apart and rebuilt them over two relationships. One was between a couple meeting for the first time on a flight from Florida to Ontario with connecting stops, one of which was New York City; the other between a couple who had a long established online relationship but who had never met in person.

Providing commentary on the events as they transpired was none other than Albert Einstein who explained how he saw life, how he arrived at his theories, what his thoughts on women were and more.

Oddly enough, Einstein’s theories become considerably easier to understand and follow once they are transposed onto human relations, most remarkably the Theory of Special Relativity.

Last month, my friend Monique asked me if Lewis and I would like to go to Kansas with her in August.  She was planning to visit her sister just outside Phillipsburg and she needed someone to split driving responsibilities with her. Kismet!

In the play, I had made reference to a town in Kansas known as Kismet. It was a small town with only a few hundred people but it was a remarkable enough town that one of the characters in the play made mention of it and then explained what was so remarkable about Kismet that he should remember it so vividly. Now I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Lewis to Kismet and Kismet to Lewis.

In the blink of an eye, I agreed to go to Kansas if for no other reason than I would be able to take Lewis to this unknown gem of a town. Then I got to thinking. What if there was such a place as Destiny, Nebraska or Fate, Illinois or maybe even Chance, South Dakota? So now, I am researching names of places that are between Kansas and Ontario in the hopes of happening upon other towns with equally interesting names.

Who knows? Maybe someone reading this blog will know of a place with a name so amazingly cool that we can’t resist adding it to our travels this August. What’s more, maybe Lewis will be so enchanted with what we find there that he’ll decide to create a video specifically on each town that catches his attention. In any case, you can call it kismet that Monique should ask me to share driving responsibilities with her later this month. I certainly do.


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