Nostalgia at the Rainbow’s End

Since returning from Florida 2 weeks ago, I’ve been at a loss as to what my next blog entry should be. Tonight I came across a video on YouTube that took me back 26 years to a simpler time when I was single and young and naive and romantic … terribly, terribly romantic.

Sergio Mendez had a knack for repeatedly penetrating the North American market when other artists from outside America considered themselves lucky if they could have one run at the ever elusive U.S. music market. Part of the charm with Mendez was the music … well structured, rhythmic, interesting. It was just different enough to catch your ear but not so different that it was foreign to the listener’s ears.

Sometimes you can listen to a song from your younger days and it sounds so dated after so much time has passed. With Mendez’s music only the arrangements sound dated with a Fender Rhodes piano as the lead instrument in such songs as “Rainbow’s End” and “Never Gonna Let You Go.”

The songs are as true now as they were back then. The lyrics speak of universal truths that strike at the heart of all who have ever dared to love and run the risk of losing it all with only a broken heart to show for one’s efforts.

In “Rainbow’s End” the singer asks:

Who’s playin’ cards from midnight ’til dawn?
Lives in a wasteland yesterday’s gone forever?
He’s made up his mind to leave it all behind.
So he says to himself as he folds up his hand,
“Who are my friends will understand where I’m going —
To find my own way; I won’t turn back again.

There was always hope in Mendez’s songs … the hope of a future that might change everything. No matter how the lyrics spoke of love gone wrong, they always held out the promise of love returned or love revisited or new love.

As this song says, “I have a dream that I hold in my heart and I won’t let go. Welcome tomorrow – I’m on my way so goodbye yesterday.”

So hold on to your dreams, allow yourself to be a wild romantic and believe in tomorrows that set everything right between you and your love. It may never happen but what have you got to lose by believing that it could happen?


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