Of Undersea Strolls and Reflections

I have never been one to be intimidated by another person’s talents or abilities. After all, each of us holds a different piece of the puzzle called life. Some of us have a corner piece or a side piece or a middle piece and some of us have more than one piece. But rest assured that all of us have at least one piece of the puzzle.

Lewis at 14 and with all the health issues that have thrown obstacles and challenges in his way as he travels this journey we call life never ceases to amaze me with his talents and abilities. Whether it’s creating computer generated art, composing with loops on a computer, writing short stories and poems, researching and recording YouTube videos or painting the old fashioned way with brushes on canvas board, Lewis expresses himself in ways that take my breath away.

You see, he has a refreshing and unique take on life overall and so everything he creates has this same refreshing and unique take on life.

A few weeks ago, he and I sat at the kitchen table painting and talking about this, that and the other thing.

My style is to anguish over every brush stroke, striving for perfection as I understand it to be, focusing on every little detail and blending colours so art lovers can feel the texture implied by the paints. Lewis’ style is to grab whatever brush feels right, swoosh about whichever sponge his hand falls upon, smoosh colours together in wild arcs created by his fingers nail deep in acrylic paint and to talk about what matters to him regardless of whether it relates to what he may be painting at the time.

When all is said and done, he pushes himself away from the kitchen table and smiles. This means that the first part of the painting has been completed. He tidies up his area, hugs me and then disappears to his room to create something completely different on his computer.

Meanwhile, I have completed a small area perhaps 1 inch by 1 inch in the same time it has taken him to paint the entire first part of his painting.

The next day, the lines that are missing from his painting are added and that’s when the brilliance of his style shines through. If you’ve ever wondered what goes through the mind of an artist, welcome to the club. I have often wondered what goes through Lewis’ mind when he is painting furiously and fervently in this way.

What I never wonder about is how interesting the end result will be. In fact, sometimes when I think I know what the painting is all about I come to the abrupt realization once the lines are added that I had absolutely no idea whatsoever what the painting was all about until those lines were added.

And so, for your eyes only, I would like to present one of Lewis’ most recent pieces of artwork which will be exhibited next week at the Erin Oaks Autism Conference in Mississauga. This delightful piece is entitled “Undersea Stroll.”

Undersea Stroll © Lewis Schofield 2009


One Response to “Of Undersea Strolls and Reflections”

  1. renaissanzelady Says:

    vibrant, life-filled painting

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