Moving Heaven and Earth

I have oftentimes heard people say they would move heaven and earth for someone they love unconditionally. I don’t take such words lightly but I know that some people say these words without taking the time to truly understand what they are promising.

As my son continues his battle against Myasthenia Gravis, I watch as he continues to create all sorts of educational and awareness materials to help others better understand what it’s like to live with a life-threatening, debilitating, rare and complex neuromuscular auto-immune disorder alongside his Autism. It’s not an easy life to say the least and yet he greets each new day with renewed hope and with a drive within him to help others …. even those he has not yet met.

When I say that I would move heaven and earth to give him what he needs and much of what he wants, I am sincere in this and I have done everything in my power to give him what he needs and as much of what he wants as I can give him. This is why, when he asks me to help him with his videos, I am more than happy to work into the wee hours of the morning to do what I can to make his videos all they can be.

Recently, he showed me his script and storyboards for his upcoming video, “Tell Me What Time It Is: Doctors and Surgeons and Nurses, Oh My!”

“I’m an artist but I’m not much of an illustrator, mom,” he told me in dead earnest. “I’m going to need some illustrations to go with the MG video. Think you can help me out?” I thought for a moment before answering. As a teen, I had purchased a Grey’s Anatomy textbook so I could better understand how the human body was put together in order to continue to grow as a visual artist. However, I had never been an illustrator of the human body which is a completely different kind of art.

Still, there he was with so much hope in his amber brown eyes and so I said softly, “I’ll do my best.”

“Great!” he replied enthusiastically. “And could you maybe create some comic book style characters to represent the T-cells, mom? I’m going to need them to be representational and not scary looking for kids.” And with that he bounded out of my office.

It took some time but I did create 6 comic book style characters to represnt the Helper T-Cell, the Cytotoxic T-Cell, the Memory T-Cell, the Regulatory T-Cell, the Natural Killer T-Cell and the Gamma Delta T-Cell. It’s not as easy as one might think to create such simple yet clearly identifiable T-Cells. Still, I created six distinct T-Cell characters and Lewis approved them for his video.

It would appear that this time around, I have become a sort of de facto art director for Lewis’ latest project. I wound up doing straight forward illustrations to help demonstrate what Lewis is talking about as well as creating six T-Cell characters.

Who knew that he had so much faith in my ability to give him what he truly wanted for his video? But then again, maybe part of that faith was knowing that I would move heaven and earth to give him what he needs and much of what he wants. Maybe he realizes that love makes all things possible if you believe these things are, indeed, possible.

And so, moving heaven and earth really isn’t as impossible as one might think. It’s a matter of loving unconditionally and trusting that all things happen for a reason. Whether you know the reason is immaterial. Just believing that what is meant to be will be is enough. At least it is for Lewis.


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