I’m A TWiT

My son has a very different sense of humour and he has a penchant for Indie Artists who are technologically inclined ‘geeks.’

The first time he told me unabashedly that he was a TWiT geek, I wasn’t sure how to react. Back when I was a teenager, it just wasn’t cool to call someone a twit or a geek but I soon learned that twit no longer means “a silly annoying person.”

It would appear that the term TWiT is an acronym for “This Week In Technology” which is a long standing show hosted by Leo Laporte who just happens to be one of Lewis’ favourite knowledgeable people in the field of all things technological. His fans refer to themselves as TWiT geeks. And where many TWiT geeks are gathered in one place or another on the Internet, it would appear they become a TWiT Army of fellow geeks offering suggestions and ideas on how to solve all sorts of technological dilemmas and discussing upcoming or recently released software and hardware.

As serious as these people sound — and remember, Lewis is one of these serious sounding people — they are not two-dimensional as stereotypes often portray groups of people. No, these TWiT geeks have their fun, lovable side and it shows in how they refer to each other and how they can take comments made in jest (mind you, you’re bound to miss the joke if you aren’t at least somewhat in the loop with the latest acronyms and technology).

When Lewis introduced me to the music of Geoff Smith, it was by way of the TwiT Live Theme Song YouTube video. I loved the song. It’s catchy and fun, even if you’re old school.

Being the vigilant parent I am, I did a little research on Geoff Smith by typing his name into the Google search function on my browser. I found out he has written jingles for Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code Podcast, GeekBrief.tv, Radio Lingua Network, Tips from The Top Floor, ScreenCasts Online, the iYule project and, of course, TWiT Live. The ringtonefeeder website says that he’s the keyboard player for the Nashville based power pop band, Codaphonic as well as the bassist and lead singer in the Chicago based Police Tribute Band, One World.

These days, it’s a little easier for me to hear Lewis refer to himself as a TWit geek. Of course, those two words will always carry shades of other meanings from days gone by however his generation has a neat new take on those words and has found a great way to take the sting out of them.

So for those of you who haven’t heard of Geoff Smith before this blog entry as well as for those of you who are in the know about this guy, this blog entry brings you the video that Lewis shared with me long, long ago.


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