Forever With Me

It’s been a very busy time of late again and as is oftentimes the case, in the split seconds of quiet that happen during these times, my friends seem to know intuitively what to do to make this world a better, more positive place. And so it has been with my friend, Mindmovie.

Even though we are separated by oceans and continents, as colleagues and as friends, we have halved each others’ sorrows and shared each others’ successes since we first met online at the mi7 forums. Of late, he has been working diligently on his upcoming double CD release.

“There are moments and people in your life
which will never be forgotten.”
– Mindmovie

Recently, my friend uploaded a new composition to YouTube entitled, “Forever With Me.”  The piece is masterfully composed and well-played, with heart and soul crafting the moment, not just mastery, talent and outstanding ability (of which there is also a great deal). You see, what is brilliant about Mindmovie‘s music is that it takes the listener on a fantastic journey and each time you listen to one of his compositions, you find yourself going deeper and deeper into your fantastic journey. Every time you hear that piece of music again, you uncover new and remarkable sights and sounds that you unintentionallyoverlooked previously.

But what amazes me the most about Mindmovie‘s music is that when all is said and done, you find yourself at peace in a way you weren’t before you heard his music. And it’s in those moments that you realize that he truly does believe in “love, peace and happiness to the world” because this is exactly what he himself brings to the world as an individual.

Mindmovie is the kind of person who stays with you forever … through his music, through his talent, through his kindness and gentleness, and — to those of us who are fortunate enough to call him friend — through his friendship.

So take some time to sit back, close your eyes and listen to this marvellous composition “Forever With Me” by Mindmovie, from his upcoming CD.


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