Expanding Horizons

In this world, we are quick to pass a judgment based on what little is known about a situation or a person.  We all do it and it isn’t always a bad thing.

We size up whether a ride at the local county fair is safe enough for our children to ride based on what the ride — and sometimes the ride operator — looks like.  We decide if a movie is worth our hard-earned money based on trailers, word-of-mouth and reviews by movie critics we have never met.  We compare heads of lettuce in the produce department at grocery stores before choosing the one that best suits what we have in mind for the lettuce.  In other words, we all do it and there’s nothing wrong or bad about judgment for the most part.

Where judgment becomes a negative is when people are unable to separate one person or situation from another and makes blanket judgments without a basis for those judgments.

Recently, I came across a video by an actor known for his action and adventure movies.  Recently, he was part of a television series as well.   According to his claims to print and broadcast media in the past, he’s not only an actor but a producer; a writer; an Aikido master; a Kendo master; a Buddhist teacher; a tulku and the reincarnation of a Buddhist Lama; a holder of black belts in both Karate and Judo; a chief instructor at the Aikido Tenshin Dojo in the city of Osaka; a musician; an animal rights activist;  a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana; a California Police Academy Graduate; an energy drink entrepreneur; a vendor of cabernet grapes from his 200-acre estate in California to local wineries; a reality TV star; a winner of the PETA Humanitarian Award; a former CIA operative and more. 

That’s quite the resumé to say the least.

And yes, it may be easy to dislike this person whom most of us have never met in real life, much less gotten to know personally.  It seems to be a blanket judgment made by a large number of people regardless of where the question “Do you like him?” is asked.

Oddly enough though, if you can get past the negativity associated with his name, as a musician, this actor can hold his own.  He sounds a little bit like Chris Rea and influences from The Temptations and The Buckinghams and early 70s music can be heard throughout his album.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised listening to his music.  In fact, I was pleased with the fact that I had allowed myself the opportunity to experience this actor as a musician only rather than experience him as an actor who happened to record a song. 

Yes, sometimes it’s important to pass judgment based on what little is known about a situation or a person.   And sometimes it’s just as important to wait to pass judgment based on the fact that you may be pleasantly surprised at what you uncover.

With this entry, I encourage you to blot the name of the actor from your mind while you listen to the song.  Decide for yourself if you feel the music — and the musician — can stand on merit alone.   Regardless of how you may feel about the song or the musician, I can guarantee this will be an eye-opening experience that will expand your horizons in a way you hadn’t thought of before.


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    Good day! Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark your website.

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