Jumping Jehosaphat!

Over the past few years, there’s been an erosion of what musicianship and live performances are meant to be.  Highly over-produced vocal tracks that have been melodyned to pieces coupled with soulless and heartless instrumental tracks have created an entire generation of recordings that cannot be replicated outside the studio unless pre-recorded tracks are provided to the venue and the musicians (using the term very loosely) are allowed to lip-synch to their respective tracks.  To this generation of youth and young adults, that’s what music is and that, my friends, is a very sad state of affairs.

As some of you will remember, over the months, I have written blog articles about my friend, Achim Wierschem alias Mindmovie.  He’s a solo artist whose CDs garner rave reviews and awards.  He’s also a long-time member of the German Progressive Rock band, Flaming Bess, that has enjoyed success and a large following around the world over the past 4 decades.

If there was ever a group of musicians able to show this generation of musicians and music lovers what true musicianship is, I sincerely believe Flaming Bess could do that job and admirably at that.

Earlier today, Flaming Bess uploaded a video to YouTube.  That in itself isn’t unusual.  That it was a cut from their 1981 release also wasn’t unusual since a number of established artists are wont to post videos of themselves performing their vintage material.  But here’s what was unusual about this video.

The track that was uploaded was performed in a cozy venue in February this year.  Five musicians: Hans Schweiss (drums), Achim Wierschem (lead guitar), Peter Figge (keyboards), Hans Wende (bass) and Dieter Joshig (keyboards and percussion).  One technician: Claas Reimer.  Long time friends and collaborators. 

And in 5 minutes of video, they expressed what music and musicianship is all about … talent, craftsmanship, skill, relationship, respect, dedication, devotion and love.  Yes, love. 

Music isn’t music because it’s perfect; music is music because it’s perfection in the moment it is experienced.

This is what music is all about.  What do you think?


2 Responses to “Jumping Jehosaphat!”

  1. Mindmovie Says:

    Wow, I was totally astonished to see you posting this elise… Thanks so much …I am really very happy about all you wrote about Flaming Bess….and our perfomrnace in Feb. We have not been very happy about the sound quality but I can assure you that it did sound fabulous – well you got the original camera tone which of course is not very good. but anyhow…I would add one thing to all you wrote …we had fun, and music is really and still and after all those years first of all – sharing our own fun with our audience… ..Thanks so much for giving us a place on your blogs…
    Your dear friend Mindmovie

  2. Dancing With Treasure Chests « Elyse Bruce Says:

    […] collaborated with a number of fantastic artists over the years — most recently with Aeronaut, Mindmovie and Claas Reimer — and you wouldn’t be able to find anyone who knows ArtieQ dismiss […]

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