Charlie Sheen Agrees Elyse is WINNING

It’s been a crazy week around the house this week.   As some of you know, just as March Break kicked off on Monday,  my son was badly injured when his legs gave out from underneath him.  My focus all week, of course, has been on Lewis and getting him to and from various  medical appointments since coming back home from the hospital.

This morning was the first chance I had to check my email just before heading out to the Cardiology Clinic with Lewis and what do you think I found in my inbox? 

Last I had heard, 95,333 people clicked through to the online application and 74,040 people from 181 countries had applied for the Charlie Sheen Summer Internship job.  Allegedly, only 5,000 made it to Round 2 and only 50 of those 5,000 will actually make it to Round 3.

Others who made it to Round 2 include Gucci Mane’s publicist Kali Bowyer, Forbes magazine blogger Christian Wolan, and adult film star Isis Taylor also made the cut.  In other words, I found myself in mixed (to use the word very loosely) company.

The problem, however, is that the deadline for the next round was yesterday, March 16 — a day I spent running from appointment to appointment as a result of my son’s unexpected tumble on Monday.

Now for those of you who know me, you’ll know that I go by the online name Raven and for those who don’t know me, you now know that I go by the online name Raven.  It’s a name I’ve used for years now and yes, it’s a name that has also been used in real life as in Elyse “Raven” Bruce (in other words, it has never been used to deceive or mislead anyone).

So while I may have missed out on Round 2 and while I would have made to Round 3 had it not been for circumstances, the fact remains that I’m still #WINNING even without being in @charliesheen’s presence.  When the cards are down, the only #WINNING choice a parent can make is to put their child or children first, and I’m certain that Charlie Sheen would agree with me on that point. 

And so, while Charlie will continue looking for a “winning” social media intern other than myself who will join his team for an 8-week paid internship elsewhere, I know that I’m still #WINNING.

In this case, you’d have to agree that ElyseBruce blood is more potent than Tigerblood and where my son’s health is concerned, my powers trump any Warlock’s powers anytime, any day.

To those of you who made it to Round 2, I offer my congratulations and wish you all the best with making it to Round 3.  But remember this … had it not been for my son’s fall earlier this week, I’d be rounding the corner towards Round 3 and ultimately, the job as Charlie Sheen’s paid summer intern.

UPDATE: Well, slap the dog and spit on the fire, people!  I sent in my submission late and linked to this blog article and even though the deadline had passed, I was informed that I had made it to the next round.  It must be that #WINNING #Tigerblood that caught the eye of the @charliesheen headhunters.


2 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Agrees Elyse is WINNING”

  1. Gary David Currie Says:

    This is interesting now isn’t it. Elyse if I was in a position and I am trying to have enough money to start a company that was focused on media orientated messages that actually made a difference in this world I would hire you and your skills instantly. I find it sad that the world wants to hear what Charlie Sheen and others have to say but do not want to hear what people like yourself and I have to say. Of course I would expect nothingless from you than to put your son first as you are of the highest integrity and that is what I admire and respect about you. If I may pay you the highest compliment by saying that those qualities are abundant in Lewis.

    • Elyse Bruce Says:

      Thank you, Gary. And yes, I agree that it’s a sad state of affairs when those with boatloads of money are able to leverage that into even more attention for themselves when there are those of us paddling by on “rafts” in comparison with messages that don’t involve leaving people wondering if we have some sort of defect affecting our thinking.

      As for Lewis, I am proud of him especially with regards to his efforts to help others with disabilities as well as to help other better understand disabilities. I also admire his ability to endure so much that’s out of his control while maintaining a positive attitude about life and living.

      Keep on being who you are, Gary (as if you’d ever try to be anyone other than yourself); that’s the way your friends like you. What is it that Charlie says about that? Oh yeah! That’s just the way you roll. #WINNING! ;-p

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