Overdosing on the Internet

Lewis is responsible for introducing me to Rhett and Link, a comedy duo from North Carolina.  Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, according to the info on their website, are lifelong buddies and are also filmmakers, musicians and videographers besides being comics.  They’ve built an international following on the Internet with over 200 web videos that have been viewed over 90 million times all told. Their videos are truly a two-man show.

What’s more, they’re also responsible for having created an award-winning short film, One Man’s Trash, and an award-winning feature-length documentary, Looking For  Ms. Locklear.  Now contrary to popular misconception, Ms. Locklear isn’t the Heather Locklear of television and movie-of-the-week fame.  No, Ms. Locklear was Rhett and Link’s first grade teacher at Buies Creek Elementary School in North Carolina.

Recently, they moved their families out to Los Angeles in early 2011 as they started filming of their IFC television series, Commercial Kings! — 10 episodes in all — slated to begin airing in June this year.

Recently,  Lewis emailed me a link to a Rhett and Link video entitled “The Internet Overdose Song.”   The music is definitely catchy in an easy-going, down home sort of way and the lyrics … while humourous, there is a certain factual reality to what they are singing.

Follow me, poke me, feed me, I’ll Stumble Upon you, Digg you freely
Take a dip in my Photostream, then E in Flickr was given to me
Like a key to an internet city of which I am king or mayor or moron.

The fact of the matter is that society is becoming far too social media linked for its own good, in my opinion.  Digital experts are busy warning against using a password that can be hacked, promoting the concept that using 9 or 10 characters in a mix of upper and lower case letters interspersed with numbers is the the minimum requirement for creating a relatively safe password.  And then they warn that online community users should create a separate and unique password for each site to which they belong.  Is it any wonder that verses like this ring true for people?

Lately I’ve signed up on so many sites
I’ve had to hire a fulltime password guy.

There’s something to be said about keeping one’s personal life private and personal while at the same time making the most of social media for professional purposes.  We’ve experienced the likes of Charlie Sheen streaming from his livingroom and going on about his Tigerblood and his #WINNING ways but has the content of those live streams been much more than voyeurism wrapped up in insights paper and humourous rib(bon)s.

You can watch day or night on my Livestream
It’s the cutting edge opposite of interesting.

I’ve written about the latest trends on social media networks and warned of the dangers associated therein.  The problem is that far too many people are unwilling to admit to themselves, much less to others, that being so digitally connected isn’t necessarily a good thing.  In fact, it might be one of the worst things that has ever happened to society as people are drawn more and more into virtual worlds and spending less and less time in the real world.


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