Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Every Day

Reprinted with permission from the MIDNIGHT IN CHICAGO blog

Black Friday is a tradition in America. It’s the day after American Thanksgiving and signals the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It’s the day that many Americans will camp out for hours on the doorstep of many Macy’s stores across the nation, in anticipation of the minute when the doors are unlocked and shopping formally begins.

Macy’s has 810 stores and this year, they partnered with teen singing sensation, Justin Beiber, to sell his Someday Special Fragrance set comprised of 1.7 ounces of fragrance spray, a poster and his Christmas CD for $64.

$2 donated to Make-A-Wish with purchase of Justin Beiber's $64 gift set

$2 donated to Make-A-Wish with purchase of Justin Beiber's $64 gift set

It was loudly trumpeted that $2 from each sale – up to $100,000 – would be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

At the Herald Square store in New York City, 900 Justin Beiber Someday fragrance sets were sold out in the space of two hours for a total donation of $1,800 to Make-A-Wish from that particular store. On average, that left each of the other stores to sell 60 or 61 sets to achieve the $100,000 maximum donation amount set by Macy’s on Justin Beiber’s Someday Fragrance set.

On YouTube, the Macy’s commercial registered almost 2.3 million hits. BestofJBieber, clevverTV, lordius27, 2009ableJR, alltvworld, JustinBeiberZone and justinbnewscom combined reposted the commercial and garnered another 0.7 million hits. And, of course, there were countless others YouTubers who reposted and tweeted and social media LIKED the commercial. At that rate, it’s not hard to believe that each store could sell an average of 61 fragrance sets on Black Friday to meet the $100,000 maximum donation to Make-A-Wish.

Over on, the top five cities in the US clamouring for a concert by Justin Beiber are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Dallas/Fort Worth with a combined plea from almost 36,000 for him to show up in their city. If every fan in those five cities who are begging for Justin Beiber to perform live and in concert in their city bought a fragrance set, between Macy’s Herald Square and those fans, nearly $80,000 would be raised for Make-A-Wish from that particular fundraiser.

When you have that kind of reach into the pockets of America’s youth, that’s pretty awesome. I can’t imagine the event not having raised the maximum $100,000 for Make-A-Wish.

But I’d like to talk about another teen who is not nearly as well-known as Justin Beiber. He’s also raising money for Make-A-Wish and his name is Lewis “Codeboy” Schofield.

You see, unlike Justin Beiber, he’s donating 20% — and not 3% — from the sale of his Special Limited Edition print “A Sunday Afternoon Stroll In The Park” to Make-A-Wish. And unlike Justin Beiber, he knows first-hand what it’s like to live every single day of his life with a life-threatening medical condition. Lewis lives with Myasthenia Gravis (an incurable life-threatening neuromuscular autoimmune disease that strikes 2 in 1 million kids), Asperger Syndrome (an autism spectrum disorder), a bilateral congenital kidney defect and a raft of other not-as-serious-as-the-first-three diagnoses. Because of this, he knows how important dreams and wishes are.

While Justin Beiber is living his dream, Lewis Schofield is living his wish to see money raised for Make-A-Wish so other children like him who are also living with life-threatening medical conditions can have their wishes granted.

$10 donated to Make-A-Wish with purchase of Lewis' $50 Limited Edition Print

Lewis “Codeboy” Schofield’s Dancing In Dreamtime project is more than just the beautiful Special Limited Edition print. It’s also a CD entitled, “Dreamtime” by recording artist Elyse Bruce where 20% from the sale and downloads of the CD are donated to Make-A-Wish. It’s also a dance performance in the Spring of 2012 that will see the proceeds from the performance donated to Make-A-Wish. And yes, Lewis’ project is underwritten by people who love and support him and what he does to make this world a better place in which to live.

If you’d like to help Lewis raise money to help Make-A-Wish grant wishes to kids living with life-threatening medical conditions, here’s what you can do.

You can purchase a print for $50.00 plus shipping and handling and see $10 from that sale donated to Make-A-Wish.

LINK: A Sunday Afternoon Stroll Under The Sea

You can purchase a CD for $14.99 plus shipping and handling and see $3 from that sale donated to Make-A-Wish.


You can download a CD for $9.99 inclusive and see $2 from that download donated to Make-A-Wish.


You can listen to selections from the CD at Elyse Bruce’s page at Reverb Nation by clicking HERE.

And you can share this blog article with as many people as possible to help spread the word.

Lewis “Codeboy” Schofield may not be as famous or as recognized as Justin Beiber, but his fundraiser means everything to him. This is his special wish and he hopes others will make his wish come true so that others can benefit. Won’t you help make his wish come true? Won’t you help make it count?


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