A Call To Action

MIC Youth Spokesperson, Lewis Schofield, is a pretty amazing teen. In the past two years, he’s won four major awards for his volunteerism, humanitarianism and advocacy. He has created videos and given presentations to large corporations, organizations, non-profits, charities, service groups, at colleges and universities and more, to help people better understand that not one of us is defined by disabilities. Disabilities may set the parameters under which one lives life but it’s the person who determines who they are and how they walk through life.

On Friday, December 2, 2011 Lewis was named one of the Top Ten finalists in the Blackstone Role Model Contest as chosen by the Producers of Blackstone Cycle II. Lewis’ first thought was that being nominated would help raise awareness of the abilities and talents of other kids like him who are living with life-threatening medical conditions. When he found out that Blackstone would donate $500 to a charity chosen by the winner, he knew that he would want the money to go to Make-A-Wish if he won.

What makes Lewis unique is that he defaults to, “If I win, how can I make this win help others?” when most others default to, “What’s in it for me?”

Lewis decided to film a video to help others understand how much it would mean to him if he won the Blackstone Role Model Contest.

To vote for Lewis, log into your Facebook account. Go to “Blackstone The Series” all in lower caps and one word. On the left hand side of the Blackstone Wall, click on PHOTOS. Once the photo albums are displayed, click on ROLE MODEL CONTEST 10 FINALISTS. Click on the FIFTH one in the list to read Lewis’ bio. Scroll down to the bottom of the bio and click LIKE on the bottom left hand corner. Voters can also leave comments in the comment section below.

Voting closes on Wednesday, December 14th at noon MST.

Lewis and the MIC volunteers are hoping that on Thursday, December 15th Lewis is going to find himself on the phone sharing even more good news with Make-A-Wish Executive Director, Jennifer Ritter. We’re hoping that MIC readers and visitors will not only vote for Lewis, they will share Lewis’ story with their online friends and family and urge them to vote for Lewis as well.

After all, this is what it looks like when one person works hard to Make It Count and in this instance, the “it” is trying to secure a $500 donation for a non-profit organization that grants wishes to children living with life-threatening medical conditions.

Elyse Bruce
Founder and Creator


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