Inspired By True Events

My first novel, “Glass On A Stick” was launched this past weekend.  It’s a fictional story inspired by true events within the autism community.  If I was to give a one-line description of the book, it would be this: 

When people in the autism community start contacting single mom, Jenna Barrett, about a group of advocates, she can’t begin to imagine the degree to which some will bully and harass others just to make a name for themselves.

I thought readers and visitors to this blog might be interested in knowing a little about some of the main characters.  This week, I’m providing a quick description of the book along with some interesting notes about some of those main characters.

The book is currently available for Kindle on Amazon at this link:

If you don’t own a Kindle, don’t fret.   Amazon has FREE Reading Apps for Smartphones (iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7, and BlackBerry), computers (Windows and Mac) and Tablets (iPad and Android Tablets).  Even though I’ve provided the links to all of the above, you can just as easily click HERE to get to the Amazon download page if you have multiple devices that need reading apps. 

And so, with no further interruption, here’s an introduction to some of the main characters found in my first novel, “Glass On A Stick.”

Jenna Barrett

Jenna is a single parent raising three unique children while running her own business.  Along with her long-time friends Tim and Paul, she heads up the Quality Of Life initiative, a 100% volunteer group that works hard to make the world a more inclusive place for people with, and without, disabilities. 

Missy Barrett

Melissa Rue Barrett is all of 5 years of age but everyone calls her Missy.  She’s created a rich and exciting make believe world for herself and routinely involves her 11-year-old brother, Josh, in her adventures as she tries to bring the Sneaky Itch and Floaty Penguin to justice so they can mend their awful ways.

Josh Barrett

Josh Barrett is Jenna’s middle child.  Diagnosed with an incurable, life-threatening neuromuscular autoimmune disease, Josh doesn’t let that slow him down any as he takes on life the way most 11 year olds are wont to do.

Aaron Barrett

The oldest of Jenna’s children and dealing with the struggles all 16-year-olds go through in high school, Aaron loves technology and everything that goes along with that.  By day, he’s a regular kid and by night, he’s still a regular kid … or is he?

Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae lives in Bowling Green, Virginia.  She’s the long-time wife of a Vietnam vet, mother of 6 and grandmother of 22.  She hates what life has handed her but that doesn’t stop her from trying to find ways to even the score and set things right according to what she thinks is right.

Martin Rottenberg

At 22 years of age and just finishing his final year at a liberal arts college, Martin sees himself as the next big thing to come out of Washington, DC as well as the autism community.  Where he sees opportunity to exploit a situation in his favor, Martin makes sure he positions himself to garner the glory and avoid the fall out.

Doug Wilder

He thinks that Ronald Reagan is to blame for everything that’s gone wrong in his world since Reagan was the governor of California and long after Ronald Reagan’s presidency has ended.  If it wasn’t for that criminal background he’s trying to keep secret from the rest of the world, he would be one of the most influential autism advocates around … or so he thinks.

Bob and Ivy Richardson

Bob, a Vietnam War draft dodger, and his much younger wife, Ivy, know how to play the free money game.  Along with Ivy’s two boys, they have a pretty comfortable life that’s paid for by taxpayers.  Ivy sees herself as a journalist and isn’t above playing the autism card to get ahead in life, as long as she doesn’t have to give up any of her government money.

Sneaky Itch and Floaty Penguin

In Missy’s make believe world, there are two shady characters that need to be brought to justice:  Sneaky Itch and Floaty Penguin.  The Sneaky Itch is one sneaky character that likes to bite people, thereby explaining bad moods and quick tempers.  The Floaty Penguin is his sidekick and until they are rehabilitated, they will continue to harass anyone they see fit to harass.

The first three chapters of the book are available for free preview so pop on over to Amazon, read the preview and share the link with friends, family and colleagues.

If you’d like to know more about the book and the author, follow this link and read this author interview.


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