Madonna gets a lot of bad raps in the media.  She also gets a lot of bad raps for her music.  But in the right hands, Madonna’s music may not be as bad as some think.

A couple of seasons back, the actors on “Glee” took Madonna on for an entire episode that saw Sue Sylvester – played by Jane Lynch — do a pretty neat take on Madonna’s song, “Vogue.”  It was true to Madonna’s video in most respects — following the video almost frame for frame — and the few changes (because you know the kids from Glee just had to be part of the video) added to the video.

Recently, however, I came across a new version on YouTube.  Yes, I found a visionary who saw the opportunity to add to the video and the song in ways that were unexpected and delightful and entertaining. 

In this day and age, it’s not that easy to find a video that’s appropriate viewing for all ages, especially if the song is from someone as controversial as Madonna who is known for her less-than-all-ages performances and videos.  We’re talking the bad girl of the  80s and 90s and 00s here, not Julie Andrews from “Mary Poppins.”

What’s harder is finding a group of singers and dancers whose egos mesh so well together that they become one smooth, seamless entertainment machine.  And so it was with this group of singers and dancers, making the most of Madonna’s “Vogue.”

See if you don’t agree that theirs is an amazing video well worth sharing with others online.  Check this out!


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