Nobody’s Watching

You can’t be involved in the arts and not understand that most things in life that are fun, are things that will elicit certain responses from people.  Some will applaud you for your courage; others will lecture you for your lack of decorum.  But you know, there’s a lot to learn from watching how children allow themselves to express joy and excitement.

Maybe that’s why people have taken to Preston Leatherman, the dancing fool of public places who makes an unbelievable number of people smile.  And over the months, he’s encouraged more and more people to dance like nobody’s watching just by being himself … and that’s a good thing.

Did he always have people that followed him through malls dancing? No.  In fact, the first video I ever saw on YouTube with Preston dancing like nobody was watching goes back almost a year now.  The song was Mariah Carey’s “Christmas Wish List” and the unbridled exuberance displayed by Preston spoke loudly and well to how much his parents must have cherished him as an individual since birth.  He says he’s Oklahoma born, Texas raised and Tennessee living.

Not happy to just dance in malls in Tennessee, this summer Preston took his enthusiasm and high spirits to the streets of Chicago.  Yes, he added Illinois dancing to his resume, and right there on the streets of the Windy City, he found others who were more than happy to dance with him.  Bringing joy is a gift. Not everyone has that talent and not everyone has the courage to take that talent to the public.  But Preston does.

This 21-year-old isn’t just about dancing with an iPod in public, though.  He’s got other talents that are sure to put him on the map in the music industry.  But it’s that energy that’s going to snag everyone’s attention … the energy that most of us only ever see in wide-eyed five-year-olds who experience life at breakneck speed and love every minute of it.

I wonder where all this will take Preston in the next few months.  Stay tuned to find out.  In the meantime, check out his videos!


3 Responses to “Nobody’s Watching”

  1. Cheryl musgrove Says:

    Love all of them…..makes me wanna dance!,,,,

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