Idle No More: Declaration Of Dedication

Earlier today, I invested two hours of my time very wisely and was part of a teleconference hosted by Wab Kinew.  For those of my readers and visitors who aren’t familiar with who Wab Kinew is, this is his bio from his website:

Wab Kinew (pron: WOB ka-NOO) is a one-of-a-kind talent, named by Postmedia News as one of “9 Aboriginal movers and shakers you should know”. He is the Director of Indigenous Inclusion at the University of Winnipeg. In 2012, he hosted the acclaimed CBC Television series “8th Fire”. His hip-hop has won an Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award. His journalism has won an Adrienne Clarkson RTNDA Award, a Gabriel Award and been nominated for a Gemini Award. He has a BA in Economics and is a member of the Midewin.

In other words, he’s someone who knows what he’s talking about, talks well about what he knows, and is a reputable source for reliable information.

I don’t have much to say today because I want to focus on the “Declaration Of Dedication” that Wab Kinew spoke of in the teleconference.  I hope readers and visitors will click on this LINK to visit Wab’s website and read it directly from his site.

Declaration Of Dedication

If you choose to share this “Declaration of Dedication” with others, I would ask that you link back to Wab’s website so its origin isn’t lost along the way.

Elyse Bruce


3 Responses to “Idle No More: Declaration Of Dedication”

  1. Gail Taylor Says:

    The link will not work on my computer but I will go to his website regardless. I just thought you might want to know.

  2. fem_progress Says:

    This man Wab Kinew impresses me. Aaron Paquette the artist also has a lot of leadership fibre.

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