Facts Don’t Matter To Ben Affleck

So Ben Affleck’s hugely inaccurate movie “ARGO” is a nominee in a few Oscar categories, is it? That’s nice … for him! It would have been far nicer if Hollywood had insisted that he portray the events accurately instead of letting creative license to rewrite history the way it is so often done by Hollywood and others of their ilk.

On February 21, Piers Morgan interviewed Jimmy Carter who was the President of the United States when this happened, and so he has a clear recollection of which country put themselves out there to save the American hostages. He said: “I would say that ninety per cent of the contributions to the ideas and the consummation of the plan was Canadian. And the movie gives almost full credit to the American CIA.”

If Ben Affleck’s movie accurately portrayed the situation, don’t you think former U.S. President Jimmy Carter would have come out swinging in defence of Ben Affleck, and supporting Ben Affleck’s view that Canadians at the Embassy in Tehran at the time scurried about doing the CIA’s bidding?

What really happened was that Ken Taylor, former Canadian Ambassador to Iran, kept the Americans hidden at his residence and hidden at the home of his Deputy, John Sheardown, in Tehran. He facilitated the hostages’ escape by arranging for plane tickets to fly them out of Iran, and persuading the Canadian government in Ottawa to issue fake Canadian passports so the hostages could fly out of Iran.

SIDE NOTE: Click on this LINK to read the real account from one of the rescued American hostages.

Because of Ken Taylor, Canadian Parliament went into secret session for the first time in history, and they voted to allow false passports to be used for this specific purpose.

Furthermore, the Canadian government had no real reason to get involved in the hostage crisis insofar as none of the hostages were Canadian or had links to Canada. Ken Taylor and the Canadian government CHOSE to involve themselves to save the lives of American hostages. Had the plan been uncovered at any point along the way, Canadians in Iran would have been in grave danger, becoming hostages themselves (and possibly worse).

Oh yeah, and Ken Taylor also agreed to go along with the CIA’s film production cover story to get the Americans out of Iran.

That’s right, people … Ken Taylor and John Sheardown weren’t meek observers to CIA heroics, and if anyone tries to tell you otherwise, they either don’t know their history very well OR they have seriously fragile ego’s that won’t allow them to admit that the Americans weren’t the big guns who pulled this rescue off with minimal support from allegedly minor players.

So my American friends, when you hunker down around your television sets to watch the Oscars, remember that “ARGO” isn’t what it purports to be. It’s just a movie exceedingly loosely based on an historical fact … where the people who really put themselves out there to save American hostages are marginalized and negated while people who assisted are put on a pedestal and hailed as the heroes they weren’t.

Ben Affleck, I believe you need to brush up on American and world history, and develop a greater sense of self-esteem that allows you to produce and act in a movie that actually tells as much of the truth as possible.


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