What Do You Mean By Brand Messaging?

Oftentimes, creative people have a difficult time separating the person from the persona.  Corporations and companies have it easy by comparison since it’s clear-cut what their products and/or services are.  But it’s not impossible for creative people to compartmentalize the persona and separate it from the person.  Once that’s done, you can start on branding your persona through brand messaging.

What Do You Mean By Brand?

Brand messaging is what you do once you’ve clearly identified what your brand is.  So what exactly is a brand?  A brand is a promise to consumers.  It says that THIS BRAND delivers THIS (whatever THIS may be)!  In other words, a brand delivers a unique value proposition to consumers.   As a creative sort, that unique value is the persona.

Take a look at what major corporations promise by way of branding.  Disney promises great family entertainment.  McDonald’s promises to be your favorite place and way to eat.  Starbucks promises consistently good food and non-alcoholic drinks just the way their customers want.  In other words, a successful brand satisfies an emotional need or want.

What Do You Mean By Brand Messaging?

How you get word out about your brand is brand messaging.  There are three kinds of brand messaging: Pointcasting, narrowcasting, and broadcasting.  Each of them deliver different results when used successfully, but all three of them should be used consistently and collaboratively.

Pointcasting is all about one-to-one interaction.  It’s the personal communication with your market niche.  It’s the phone call to a reporter to congratulate him or her on winning a news award.  It’s the business proposal to a corporate decision maker that says you’ve listened to what the corporate brand is, and how they reach customers.  It’s the thank you note to an event volunteer who went the extra mile.

Narrowcasting is all about interactions with a select group of people.  It’s offering fans first crack at downloading your next release.  It’s giving a discounted price to people who sign up before a set date to attend your next workshop or seminar.

Broadcasting is all about getting your brand image out to as many people as possible at the same time.  This is where marketing and promotion happen.  It’s those tweets and social media updates that keep people in the loop about what you’re doing now or in the very  near future.

How Do You Make Brand Messaging Work?

Like everything else in business, the way to make something work is to use it consistently and well.  Target your brand messaging appropriately.  Don’t pointcast when you should broadcast.  Don’t broadcast when you should narrowcast.  Nail down the right message and the right delivery method.

Get organized. Code your messages and fine tune those messages so you don’t waste anyone’s time, including your own. And most importantly, create an ongoing campaign of brand messages that keep your fresh and current in your customers’ minds and actions.

Nothing says missing in action quite like, “Who did they used to be again?”

If you want to make sure that people know who you are and what you have to offer, make sure that you’re reaching your target demographics in a respectful and engaging way.  In return, your customer base will reward you with a mutually beneficial business relationship that thrives on the give-and-take principal of getting to know each other.

Elyse Bruce


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