Just One More Moment

Almost two years ago, I heard this song and I was moved by how beautifully written, arranged and produced it was.  The song can be found on ArtieQ’s CD “Give It Some Stick!” which is a thoroughly enjoyable CD with a number of excellent cuts worth the price of the download.

“Give It Some Stick!” is described as being filled with “haunting pop melodies, unchecked innocent energy and infectious electro beats.”  What the description doesn’t tell you is that the CD is so much more than all that.  It’s thought-provoking without being demanding, fun without being trite, brilliant without being off-putting.

As for the title of the CD, the expression “give it some stick” is well-known in the UK, where ArtieQ is from originally.  It means to put effort into the task at hand.  At least, that’s what the Cambridge International Dictionary says and I’d tend to believe the Cambridge International Dictionary, especially in light of the fact the book is a compilation of over 7,000 idioms.  Undoubtedly, there are some of you out there who may have been at a loss as to what the title meant and perhaps arrived at a potential albeit incorrect guess.

Now, for those of you who aren’t in the know about these sorts of things, ArtieQ is so much more than a talented singer-songwriter.  He also happens to be an author, and having read his book “ArtieQ’s Guide To Moving In LA: A Mover’s Tale” I can assure you that his wit shines through whether it’s in his lyrics or in his narratives.  In other words, he has a way of seeing the world that’s refreshing and engaging … and he has a way of drawing out emotions you may not realize were there all along.   In some ways, he’s a modern-day troubadour with a touch of therapist and pundit tossed in for good measure.  But back to the music ….

Yes, I realize that since ArtieQ released “Give It Some Stick!” there has been another CD … “Songs From The Bug ‘Utch.”  I also realize that ArtieQ is weeks away from his next CD release.  But there’s a universal truth that stands out in “Just One More Moment” and no matter how much I enjoy the many other songs by ArtieQ, this is the one that draws me back when I find myself in a pensive or reflective mood.

So, while we wait for ArtieQ’s next CD release, let’s sit back and listen to “Just One More Moment.”  And if you feel as I do about this song, share the video link with your friends and family, colleagues and acquaintances.  Because if it touches your heart, it will undoubtedly touch the hearts of those you know and love.

Elyse Bruce


One Response to “Just One More Moment”

  1. ArtieQ Says:

    Wow, E1. What a piece! Let us nor forget that the original music was composed by Mindmovie (Achim Wierschem). I am moved by your piece. (To tears; yes!) One of the many points, by the way, that I didn’t tell Missy re: writing songs, is that if the song I’m developing does not make me cry (or lets motivate me to tear up at some point) it is scrapped. Simple as that. Laters, my dear. R1 🙂

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