How To Make Suggestive Selling Work For You

Now that you know what suggestive selling is, what components do you need to put in place to be successful with this sales style?

Be consistent.

Suggestive selling isn’t about keeping the best deals for those customers who buy from you most often or who willingly part with large amounts of cash when they purchase your product or hire you for your services. Treat all your customers with the same respect and use suggestive selling when a customer needs assistance in making a purchasing decision.

Keep It Relevant.

If this is a repeat customer you’re helping, make suggestions based on previous purchases they’ve made. If this is a new customer you’re helping, make suggestions based on what the customer shares with you. Do your best to make suggestions that will fit the needs of the customer. If you do this consistently, your customers will rely on your expertise to help guide them rather than relegate your comments to the “ignore” section of their awareness.

Learn To Adapt.

Just because your customers have wanted the same service or product from you for years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate new facets in with old favorites. For example, if your clientele hires you because you specialize in disco music, there’s no reason to limit your services to only disco music. Expand your horizons. Take a look at what’s going on in dance clubs these days, and add some zest to a familiar taste.

Fiscal Responsibility Counts.

With the current economic situation, customers are keeping a close eye on where they spend their money. What’s more, however, is that they will remember who helped them keep a close eye on their money when the economy improves. If the budget is $1,000 your job is to provide them with the best service or product their $1,000 can get them. You may be able to push them to pay more but in the long run, this will only cause you problems. If you were willing to squeeze a customer for money in difficult times, how are they to know you won’t be the kind of salesperson who will try to soak them for money in good times? Treat your customer and their pocketbook with the same respect you would want for yourself and your own pocketbook.

Successful Suggestive Selling happens when you forge a positive business relationship between you and your customers. It’s the little details that matter and the ethical position you take when making suggestions to your customers.


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