Saturdays … So Much More Than Friday

As my blog followers and friends know, when I reviewed Preston Leatherman’s EP “The Departure” a few months ago, I was impressed with the music as well as the management team that backs Preston up.  When I caught wind of the fact that he was releasing the video for “Saturday” –arguably one of the most fun songs in years — I looked forward to watching it.

When a talented recording artist is dedicated to his craft, it makes it easy for fans and critics to want the artist to succeed.  Preston Leatherman has proven that he’s that kind of recording artist.  This being a fact, I sincerely wanted the video for “Saturday” to be as much fun as the song itself.

Guess what?  I completely envy the people who were at the shoot for this video!

The energy of the song was captured by the energy of the video, and it was obvious that everyone involved in the shoot was having lots of fun.  For those of you who are familiar with Preston’s “Dancing With An iPod In Public” series on YouTube, you’ll recognize that same dynamic energy in this video.  What’s more, the video has an intriguing way of drawing the viewer into the moment in a way that’s seldom seen or experienced.

It’s the attention to details that matter to Preston and his team just as much as the music.  Details like the band T-shirts provided by Do You Remember Tees (the nostalgia based social media company).  Details like the very cool clothes from Hip Zipper and Pre To Post Modern.  I especially liked the blast from the past dark blue jacket Preston was wearing within the first few seconds of the video!

The visual pop culture references are there for those who take the time to look for them … from muppets to mohawks, and a special cameo appearance by a well-known Star Wars personality who’s seen hanging around with Preston at the party at one point.  Who knew Preston knew so many cool people?

Whether you’re a teen in 2013 or you were a teen in 1983, the music and the video will grab — and hold — your attention.  You’ll find yourself unexpectedly humming along while you’re watching the video, and you’ll find yourself unexpectedly humming the song when you’re out and about later in the day.  Let me tell you, Preston knows how to write catchy songs and his team knows how to create a video that encapsulates that feeling.

What stood out for me was the fact that while Preston and his team pay attention to details, they also don’t micromanage the details to the point where it starts to detract from the fun of his music.  They’ve found that fine line between just enough attention and being too critical.  I can’t think of any way to improve on what they’ve done with this song, both on the EP and in the video.
So who do we have to thank for this besides Preston himself?  For one, James Lucente, Chris Keaton, and Lee Lessack (I guess that counts for three, doesn’t it?).  For another, Brent Hendrich who co-produced the song with Preston.

In the months I’ve followed what Preston’s been doing with his music career, I’ve seen him grow as a recording artist and I’ve seen him mentored well by his team … two of the most important aspects of establishing a successful career that will stand the test of time.

And now, it’s time for you to experience the energy and excitement and fun of Preston Leatherman’s “Saturday!”


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