They’re Back And They’re Despicable

“Who’s back?” you might be asking yourself.  “And why are they despicable?”

No one can really answer why they’re despicable.  Maybe it’s because they look so strange compared to the rest of us.  Maybe it’s because they come from a different home life than the ones we consider mainstream.  Maybe it’s because they’re minions of an agent of wrong doing … a supervillain if you will.

Or maybe it’s because they’re animated and yellow and look a lot like … well … chubby mail tubes with arms and legs and faces.

In the end, it doesn’t matter why they’re called despicable because the trailers have reminded those of us who fell in love with them in 2011 what’s so darn lovable about them in the first place.  Yes, those banana-colored beings that are loyal and true to their master, Gru return in the summer break movie of note, “Despicable Me 2.”

Now some critics have decided that this movie warrants a C (either minus or plus, depending on which movie review you read); Some critics have determined that this movie warrants 4 or even 4.5 out of 5 stars.  Why such a polarized view of the movie from movie critics?

I suspect it might be because Gru has softened somewhat since we last saw him 3 years ago.  He’s become a responsible — albeit unconventional — single parent to his three adopted daughters.   He’s a reformed bad guy … the guy who used to be focused on wreaking havoc on the people of earth, even if it meant going as far as stealing the moon!

In other words, he’s grown up considerably since he first came up with the idea of adopting children for the sole purpose of infiltrating his nemesis’ lair to steal back a valuable supervillain weapon of mass destruction and make off with a celestial treasure that belongs equally to all of us.  But you know, he’s not exactly Mr. Mom … and we don’t expect him to be.  He’s perfect just the way he is, complete with all his adorable imperfections that endear him to his daughters.

And let’s not forget those inimitable minions that are part of Gru’s family.  No one knows for sure what kind of life forms they are (other than synthetic, laboratory created life forms), but whatever they are, everyone agrees: they’re lovable.

But just because Gru isn’t a bad guy any more doesn’t mean that he’s out of the spy game completely.  In fact, his reputation precedes him and when his expertise comes to the attention of a certain secret agent group, Gru finds himself back at the center of all things espionage-like and dangerous-ish.  It’s Gru and the minions as we know them to be with a side order of “where did that come from?” to go!

So thank goodness Gru and the crew are back, and thank goodness they’re despicable.  We wouldn’t have them any other way.

Despicable Me (August 29, 2011)


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