Celine Dion Accused

Call it a tempest in a teapot if you will but singer-songwriter Daniel Merriweather recently accused Celine Dion of having committed the crime of not mentioning his name specifically when she was interviewed by Katie Couric in April this year.

For those of you who aren’t in the loop when it comes to this issue, here’s what’s being alleged by Daniel Merriweather, in his own words, from his Facebook page.

Image 1_Celine Dion

He followed up that status update with another status update not that long afterwards.

Image 2_Celine Dion

While I don’t doubt that what Daniel wrote about writing the song “Water and a Flame” is true.   And I don’t doubt that Daniel makes music because he loves music.  I also don’t doubt that Daniel hasn’t got a Plan B to fall back on.

When I read Daniel’s status updates, what I did doubt was this allegation that Celine Dion had laid claim to writing the lyrics to the song “Water and a Flame.”  When in doubt, you do the research and that began with tracking down a copy of the Katie Couric interview from a source other than Samantha Ronson … not because I didn’t believe Samantha Ronson but because a verified third-party source with no vested interested in other people’s opinions is usually the most reliable source to tap.

After watching the Katie Couric interview on YouTube, I have to say that I didn’t hear Celine Dion taking credit for writing any of the songs on her upcoming English album.  For that matter, I also didn’t hear her taking credit for writing any of the songs on any of her albums over the years.  What I did hear was Celine acknowledging that her success is thanks to having “received wonderful songs” over the years.

When an individual (read: Celine) receives something (read: a song to sing), they have acknowledged that someone  (read: the songwriter or someone working with the songwriter) gave it to the individual (read: Celine) which means that someone (read: the songwriter or someone working with the songwriter) other than the recipient (read: Celine) is responsible for the gift’s (read: a song to sing) existence.

Simplified:  If someone gives you something, and they receive it, it’s understood that everyone knows that the recipient had no hand in the gift’s creation.

Celine also acknowledged her husband, René Angelil, as the  one who “chooses the team.”  One of the team members is the producer, and in this case, the producer was Eg White.  But that name — Eg White — sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Oh, wait … Daniel mentioned him in his initial rant.

“[quote] My friend Eg White wrote the chords and arranged and produced the song, but i [sic] wrote the melody and the lyrics, every word! [end quote]”

If Daniel is going to run with the allegation that Celine Dion tried to pass off his lyrics as her own, this would have to mean that his friend and producer, Eg White, was complicit in that charade.  But that doesn’t make sense, does it?  After all, Eg White obviously knew that the song he had co-written with Daniel Merriweather was part of the album and as such, he knew that Celine Dion didn’t write the lyrics.

Near the end of the Katie Couric interview, Celine stand next to her husband and manager, and says, “We have wonderful songs that we’re very proud of.”  Would Daniel Merriweather have us believe that Celine Dion is saying that René Angelil sang on this upcoming album?  I doubt it!

As I said at the beginning, the whole kerfuffle  over this situation is nothing but a tempest in a teacup.  And what does Daniel Merriweather have to say about it since July 4th?

Image 3_Celine Dion

I doubt that Celine Dion is trying to rewrite history, but I do see her being wrongly accused of having “stolen” a song from another recording artist (this time having accidentally stolen from Adele if you believe what Daniel’s written on his status update of July 4th).

Maybe readers and visitors have theories about what’s really going on here with Daniel Merriweather.   After all, he made such a big deal out of a situation that doesn’t even exist outside of his interpretation of the facts … well, not unless someone, somewhere out there is able to share a link to a document or an authenticated video or audio clip where Celine Dion either claims this song as her own or states that she’s going to claim this song as her own.

Any takers on that one?  Anyone?

Elyse Bruce


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