Peterborough Is Number One

In February, I wrote about the potential for Category 17 of the PeterTweeter Awards being misappropriated for the purpose of bullying others living in Peterborough.  The cry went out loudly from people such as Jeannine Taylor, Maryam Monsef, Stuart Harrison, Rick Dolishny, Mike Moring and other PeterTweeters that my comments were, in their opinion,”bullying” and “terrorism.”

Now the truth can be told by way of independent third party observations and data collection.

It’s a FACT that Peterborough is Number One … for police reported hate crimes in 2011!

“No,” some of you might be saying to yourselves incredulously.  “Surely there’s no such evidence to support such a claim!”

Alas, dear readers, there is.  It’s not data collected and compiled by a questionable researcher.  It’s not data collected and compiled from questionable sources.   In fact, it’s data collected and compiled from a reputable source that corporations, organizations, agencies and more quote in reports and documents all the time:  Statistics Canada.

UPDATE (22 July 2013):  Posting copyrighted materials (with proper citing of sources) falls under the heading of Fair Dealing which is part of Canadian copyright law.  It permits certain uses of copyright material in ways that do not unduly threaten the interests of copyright owners, while at the same time having social benefits.  Fair Dealing allows for  criticism, review and news reporting, even on the Internet on websites and in blog articles. Posting the graphic by Jenny Potter (which included proper citing of the course) falls under the heading of Fair Dealing.  I have removed the graphic because the Peterborough Examiner requested in writing that it be removed from this article.

There it is in black and white.  In Peterborough, there are more hate crimes per capita than in the metropolitan centers of  Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, and Windsor.  And those are just the police-reported instances of hate crimes.  There are a great number of instances of hate crimes that go unreported because the victims fear for their safety, and the safety of their loved ones.

To be fair, Peterborough was in third place for the dubious title in 2009 and in fourth place in 2010 (although Sarah Deeth of the Peterborough Examiner wrote that Peterborough was in third place) before achieving first place in 2011.

But that doesn’t bode well either.  Being anywhere on the list is shocking, but being in the top 5 for 3 years running is something residents of Peterborough need to take a look at and seriously question.

With that kind of reputation for hate crime activity, is it any wonder that reasonable people who are concerned about bullying, cyberbullying, mobbing, cybermobbing, and hate crimes (in Peterborough as well as abroad) take reasonable steps to prevent this kind of behavior from continuing (in Peterborough as well as abroad) when it shows up in something as seemingly innocuous as a PeterTweeter Award online open category nomination?

UPDATE (11 March 2014):  This article was posted in the Peterborough Examiner earlier today, and states that violent crimes were up by 11% in Peterborough in 2013.  Marijuana and cocaine were the top two drug choices, and $1.5 million in drugs were seized in 2013.

Elyse Bruce


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3 Responses to “Peterborough Is Number One”

  1. Lois Muffin Says:

    You have stolen the graphical work of Jenny Potter of QMI Agency, posted it to your blog here and removed her credit. That makes you an online bully, Elyse Bruce.

  2. Elyse Bruce Says:

    To readers and visitors to this blog (and this article in particular),

    It should be noted that the email address associated with the “Lois Muffin” comment is quite obviously one made to bait, not only those who blog and guest blog on this site, but also any readers or visitors.

    There is no “Lois Muffin” associated with the email address in question, and while the comment is meant to imply the author of the comment works for Peterborough This Week, interestingly enough, the IP address is registered to the Peterborough Examiner.

  3. Crying Wolf | Elyse Bruce Says:

    […] a visitor to this blog site accused me of being a bully because I had included a graphic in an article. Including the graphic in the […]

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