The Glory Days Of G4 and Tech TV


Today’s article is republished with permission from the author, Lewis Schofield at Geeked Mind.
Lewis is a blogger, nerd, gamer, cosplayer, MSTie, and radio show producer and host of the
weekly half-hour program “The Geeked Mind” on Trent Radio.  His interest in computers and
gaming began before he could even walk and continues to this day.

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Let’s take a trip back to the early 2000′s when G4/Tech TV was on top of the World with shows like X-Play, Attack of The Show, The Screen Savers and Cinematech.  To a time when it showcased such memorable characters as The InternsRoger the Stan Lee ExperienceRatty the Puppet,The Yu-Gi-Oh! GangAdam Mark V and Office Jesus just to name a few. When did it all start to lose ground?  If I had to peg it to a specific moment in time, it would have to be early 2000 when they took The Screen Savers off the air after they merged with Tech TV.

The Screen Savers — and its partner show Call for Help — was a well-written, well-produced show.   Back then, they had Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose who later one went on to Revision 3 and Leo “The Tech Guy” Laporte who went on to TWiT, short for This Week in Tech.

Then Call for Help was taken off the air. It was picked up  pretty quickly by Tech TV Canada in Toronto,  so we didn’t actually lose Call for Help (nice save, Tech TV Canada).  It was a great show that stood out with its friendly approach to problems, and even better tips and hints on how to get the most out of your techno gadgets.  I never forgot how great the hosts and co-hosts were.  They were so cool that when I got a chance to interview one of the Call for Help hosts for my radio show, I jumped at the chance and did just that!

But there was also X-Play which mixed game reviews and comedy skits into one show. Those skits became the inspirations for me to make gamer skits which I hope to upload the Summer of 2014.

And who can forget the Cowboys and Pokemon (Cowboys and Aliens) parody trailer?

Then sometime around 2008, they started to do huge cuts to the show, They stopped doing the skits fans came to know and love.  They began to have them only every once in a while.  And that’s when I think one of the biggest blows to the show came … and one of the largest nails to be hammered into G4′s coffin

When DirectTV removed Tech TV Canada from their line-up in November 2010, they said it was due to “Low Viewer Interest”

And then G4/Tech TV moved to Esquire Network … a network whose demographics are aimed at a metrosexual audience. The G4 Network slogan was TV 4 Gamers  from 2002 to 2004, and I don’t see how that ties in with Esquire Network’s focus on “travel, cooking, fashion and non-sports related male programming.”  I suppose you could call gaming non-sports related male programming, but that’s a stretch for the best of us I think.

In short, I miss G4/Tech TV.  At least we still have TwiT.TVLockerGnome and Revision 3 to rely on.  But for me, It will always be “X-Play all The Way.”

Lewis Schofield


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