Calling All Whovians

One our newest contributors is 18-year-old Lewis Schofield who writes, produces and hosts “Geeked Mind” … a half-hour weekly radio show on Trent Radio in Peterborough, Ontario.   The show covers topics that are of particular interest to the geek-centric community from anime and manga through to science fiction and science fact with detours into movies, music and the big three:  Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who.

This week, Lewis is putting out a call to all Whovians, asking them to record their audio answers to three questions about the upcoming Doctor Who season and the actor tapped to play the next regeneration of the Doctor.  If you have opinions you’d like to share about Peter Capaldi playing the role of the Doctor or about what you hope the next season of Doctor Who will bring with it, please record your opinion and send it to Lewis at   You opinions could be included in an upcoming show on Doctor Who this September!

Here’s the poster.  Remember, your voice is needed, and if you know fellow Whovians who might be interested in sharing their Doctor Who opinions, share this link with them.

Geeked Mind Radio_Doctor Who_small


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