It Takes Two, Baby

Recently, a business colleague suggested I visit Kayla Becker‘s YouTube site and check out an interesting experiment that “The Kayla Becker Show” host Kayla Becker and Trinidadian vlogger and time traveler Swoozie were up to these days. Like anyone else, I like to watch entertaining YouTube videos and with the click of my cursor, I found myself checking things out on Kayla’s channel.

Similar to the very interesting 40 day experiment that Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman chronicled earlier this year, Kayla and Swoozie were up to the challenge of tightening the criteria and the timeline and documenting their 30 days of dating.

The rules that Jessica and Timothy set up were straight forward.

40 Days Rules of Dating_IMAGE

However, Kayla and Swoozie saw opportunity to tighten those rules up by dropping two and modifying one of the original six rules.

Rule 4 was stricken. I’m not sure what their reasoning may have been, but I would venture to guess that with so many great options for day trips, a weekend trip to some other location seemed frivolous at this point.

Rule 5 also seems to have been struck down as the rules posted made no mention of filling out a daily questionnaire.

Rule 3 was modified. Instead of paying for four sessions with a couples therapist, the couple agreed to read and discuss sections from a relationship building book once a week.

With the ground rules established, Kayla and Swoozie set off on their 30 day dating adventure.

The first video was, of course, the introductory video where they couple promised to kiss on the second video provided the first video got more than 10,000 hits in the first week. They were well over that mark by the second video but the audience felt robbed when, instead of kissing on video, the video cut away at the end just as it appeared they might kiss.

It’s now 5:30 PM EST on the third week of the 30 day dating adventure and I haven’t seen the latest video posted.  I know that Kayla tweeted at lunchtime that it was uploaded.  I clicked though to the Instagram link she tweeted out (check it out because there’s some really great shots of Kayla and Swoozie together).  Clicked through to Kayla’s YouTube channel and … the last 30 Day Dating Challenge update was this:

1742 PM_15 Sept 2013_Kayla Becker YouTube Channel_IMAGE

Now maybe I’m not seeing where this week’s video is hiding. but I do know people are wondering about Kayla and Swoozie.

Are they having a blast together? Are they fighting? Do they get along or is it the longest 30 days they’ve ever slogged through? Like that infamous weekly gossip magazine says, inquiring minds want to know.

So Kayla and Swoozie, how are things going with you two?

UPDATE:  The video didn’t seem to make it through the YouTube processing process until around 6:00 PM EST.  The good news is that you can get see for yourself how the challenge is going by clicking HERE and watching the latest video installment!  Enjoy!

Elyse Bruce


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