When Folk Music Goes Viral

What happens when a group of university friends get together and decide to make music? We know what happened when it some students in England decided to form a band in 1968. After adding an art graduate to the line-up two years later they became QUEEN. Over thirty years later, we may be seeing a similar situation coming from Germany.

Rumor has it that the group voXXclub started off as little more than a house party in a student’s apartment in Munich with other students coming and going, and no one really knowing who was a tenant and who was a visitor. The group biography on their website says that to this day neither the neighbors nor the landlord can say for sure is that good-hearted, fun, house parties broke out in that apartment all the time.

When Martin Simma found himself at his friend Michi’s place and a house party broke out, he suggested that maybe it was time for German folk music to make the leap from house party to what has been described as “Volxmusik anarchist in a capella style.” And thus was born the fun-loving Bavarian folk band, voXXclub.

Their first CD, “Alpin” was released in March 2013 and their song “Rock Mi” has quickly become a favorite of music lovers of all ages. With Oktoberfest being Germany’s largest “Volxmusik-house party” is it any wonder that voXXclub will be finding themselves busier than ever before, with their popularity growing by leaps and bounds.

If you’re still not sure you believe that folk music can be commercially appealing to a broad base of fans, it’s time for you to watch this flash mob video shot in a mall in Munich.


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