A Ray Of Hope

Tobiah Thomas.  Who is she and what are people in the music industry saying about her?

Kenneth Hope of FRAGILE EARTH says she has a beautiful natural voice; Sarah Gorell of the BBC and Ethan Welles of MOBIUS BOX consur. Baruch Zeichner, host of Paradismg on WBKM says her music is filled with meaning, symbol and personal revelation, while John Breckenridge of TALENT SPOTLIGHT MAGAZINE says Tobiah Thomas is stunning by any standard.

Could Manchester-born Tobiah be all the things said about her?

The Tobiah Thomas song I heard back in early 2012 was “100 Miles.” The arrangement, with just lead vocals and harmonies, made the song as much as Tobiah’s voice … a nod not only to her vocal abilities, but to her natural abilities as a music producer.  Listening to other recordings done by Tobiah, listeners quickly realize that she doesn’t rely on lush instrumental beds to tell her story. The focus in Tobiah’s arrangements are the vocals.

While it’s true that Tobiah began her musical life as a piano student, she says that her piano teacher quickly realized that Tobiah wasn’t one for the discipline of scales or reading music, and with that, Tobiah took up the guitar which has remained her instrument of choice over the years.

One of her songs, “I See You Naked” caught the attention of both Janet Jackson and Will Smith. Will Smith held on to it for two years, but in the end, he never recorded it. But that wasn’t the end of the song. There are fantastic R&B cuts of this song, as well as a version done by Tobiah Thomas and Rod Argent.

She has said in print interviews that some of her influences are Canadians Loreena McKennit and Joni Mitchell as well as Martin Tillman, adding that music that moves her heart and soul are the pieces to which she gravitates.

In the end, whether you believe in God or in Darwinism, Tobiah’s music is uplifting and yes, spiritual in ways that can’t be explained in words. Perhaps listening to “Ray Of Hope” says it best.


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