Blogging For Success

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve gotten an email or come across a tweet or seen a status update or something has made it into my newsfeed where the subject is how to blog for success. This usually means the person wants you to believe that they have the secret to generating thousands and thousands of dollars on the internet via blogging with such claims as “Killer Money Maker.”

You oftentimes read personal stories that start like this:

MLM Blogging

There’s a world of difference between successful blogging and successfully promoting and selling a blogging platform.

Today, I’m talking about blogging … not sales or blogging platforms. You see, successful blogging is about providing content to your niche market that your niche market wants to know about … or know more about. If you provide the content your niche market is looking for, you will be a successful blogger.

My blog “Idiomation” which is also known as “Historically Speaking” was something I started to help my son understand idioms. He struggled — as do many literal thinkers — with idioms that others tossed about casually and easily. Up until I started the “Idiomation” blog, I was pretty much the go-to person for my friends who wondered about the meaning and origins of this or that idiom, so starting a blog that gave the meaning and history behind expressions and sayings made sense.

The first month “Idiomation” was live, my son was the only visitor. I had a small handful of hits … all of them from my son. That spelled success insofar as my market was my son. The following month, my son shared the link to the “Idiomation” blog with his peers at school and the number of hits was quadrupled. Then my son began coming home with requests from his friends to have certain idioms on the site. That spelled success insofar as my market had grown to include those who, like my son, struggled with idioms.

The blog has been around less than four years, and every month the hits to the blog sail past 10,000. The “Friends Of Idiomation” page exists as a way to thank readers for suggesting idioms to research and write about.

My resource book “Idiomation: Book 1” is doing well and the second book in the series is due out in the next few weeks.  If you’d like to preview the book, you can click on THIS LINK and see it on Amazon.


It wasn’t a blogging platform that got me there. The MLM blogging approach isn’t what got me there either.

Passion for the subject got me there.

Attention to the needs of my audience got me there.

Respect for what my audience was looking for got me there.

Responding to my audience in a timely fashion got me there.

The appreciation my readers and visitors expressed got me there.

And creating valuable, informative content that mattered to my audience is what got me there.

That’s what successful blogging is really all about.

The next time someone questions if you’re a successful blogger, take the time to consider what they may mean by the word “successful” because what they mean may not be what you mean at all. They may be talking about using, promoting and selling a blogging platform for money in the hopes that others will sign up for the same blogging platform and earn you a few bucks along the way.

But those of us who are successful bloggers know it’s not about promoting, marketing and selling a blogging platform. We know it’s about our audience and providing them with the best content we can deliver to them on a regular basis.

Elyse Bruce


2 Responses to “Blogging For Success”

  1. mutanatia Says:

    Passion, Attention, Respect, Responding, Appreciation, Value — easy to understand. Thanks, Elyse! 😀

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