About That New Novel

My most recent novel, due to be published in the near future, is in the capable hands of my editor in the UK as well as my editor in the US. This is particularly exciting because originally, I saw this story as being a short story to be included in my second collection of short stories to be published early in 2014.

Prior to writing, I set a goal of 10,000 words for this particular story. When it crested 25,000 words, I revised the goal to 35,000 words which took it into the realm of novella. When all was said and done, the story far surpassed the first and second word count goals, and became a full-fledged novel.

A fictional work (even though it is inspired in part from real occurrences that have been reported in mainstream media and alternative media), the novel touches on issues that affect and impact upon people from within, and from outside, the autism community. It also provides a closer look at the motives that drive some people to do what they do, knowing full well that they are being dishonest and misleading with their efforts.

The main character is one that readers may recognize from my first novel, “Glass On A Stick.”

Glass On A Stick” is the story of Jenna Barrett, a single parent raising three children while running her own business. When people in the autism community start contacting her about a group of advocates who are acting badly online and in real life, she can’t begin to imagine the degree to which some will bully and harass others just to make a name for themselves. While Rion McNeally plays a minor secondary role in “Glass On A Stick,” he is the main character in this upcoming novel.

As a teaser, I’ll share the novel’s synopsis with readers and visitors to this blog:

Rion McNeally has a complex. He thinks everyone is out to get him. But when he finds himself court ordered to a mental facility for an assessment, it’s time to pull out the big guns and really convince everyone that people on the Internet are after him. What ensues is a psychological thriller that takes the reader through pathos and comedy in equal measures until the truth of his hospital stay is finally revealed.

If you find that intriguing, just wait until you buy or download the book on Amazon in the very near future. It’s guaranteed to keep your attention from start to finish.

Elyse Bruce

NOTE:  For those of you who may be familiar with the name Missy Barrett, this character is one of Jenna Barrett’s three children from the novel “Glass On A Stick.”  She appears in the novella “Grand Theft: Cookie” and is the main character in the “Missy Barrett Adventures” series as well as the “Missy Barrett Conversations” series.


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