Do You Remember Your First Crush

We all have our favorite artists we love to listen, and we all have favorite songs that we play far more often than we like to admit.   But from time to time, new artists find their way onto your list of cool talents to listen to and last week, I set some time aside to listen to Savannah Grace from Hendersonville, Tennessee.

The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that this young artist has a refreshing sound all her own that gives nice nods to a number of established artists, with a touch of Cheryl Crow, a touch of Taylor Swift, and a touch Led Zeppelin incorporated into her recently released single, “Crush.”

Savannah brings personality and pizzazz to this song … a light and breezy feel good song that puts a spring in listeners’ steps.  It’s the kind of well-written, well-produced, catchy pop song music lovers have come to expect from Preston Leatherman, James Lucente and Brent Hendrich who co-wrote “Crush” with Savannah.  It’s the age-old story of teenage love set to a great dance track with tasty harmonies and just the right balance of maturity and innocence blended in.

The video doesn’t rely on sensationalism and sex to sell.  It stands on its own, adeptly sidestepping stereotypes that seem to overtake most videos done by recording artists over the last few years.  But don’t assume that just because it isn’t steeped in sexual innuendo and stereotypes, that the video is a ho-hum humdrum yawn fest.  With Preston Leatherman at the helm as editor and producer of Savannah’s video, you just know that the fun factor has been ramped up to the max!

And while we’re talking about cool people involved with this video, an awesome shout out to the principal of T.W. Hunter Middle School, Mr. White, for allowing the crew to film the school scenes in the video at T.W. Hunter.  That’s one rockin’ administrator!

Now that you’ve read about Savannah Grace, I think it’s time for you to listen to her single, “Crush.”


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