10 Sure Fire Ways To Lose Traction On Social Media

1.  Complain about everything in your life.

I’m not talking about venting every once in a while. I’m not even talking about taking on issues that need to be tackled. I’m talking of complaining about every little thing that doesn’t go your way. Bringing drama to your social media accounts will only make people avoid reading your updates and tweets.

2.  Brag about everything in your life.

Sharing important milestones are always welcome. Telling people incessantly and relentlessly of how wonderful and successful you are will only serve to annoy those who follow you.   Buy thousands of followers so it looks like you’re wildly successfully beyond anyone’s dreams — including your own.  Tone it down and only share the most important things, and focus on your real followers.

3.  Subscribe to guerilla marketing sneak attack posts.

Sending friend requests with the express purpose of promoting and marketing yourself to a new set of potential customers will certainly get your name out there … but not in a good way. Cultivate relationships on social media just as you would in real life. The short-term and long-term results will be far more satisfying.

4.  Subscribe to out-of-the-blue friend requesting.

Not everyone on social media is your potential customer. If you have nothing or no one in common with someone, don’t send friend requests because you think you may be able to sell them something. Most people react negatively to unwanted solicitors knocking on their real, and virtual, doors.

5.  Make sure any tagged photos on your social media account are meaningless and inappropriate.

While it’s great to keep in regular contact with your online friends, this is not the best way to keep that connection strong. In fact, you’re more likely to drive friends away with this approach than endear yourself to them.

6.  Flirt with everyone like crazy.

Whether it’s social media or a real venue, flirting with everyone only lowers other people’s opinions of you. They don’t see it as cute. They don’t see it as endearing. They don’t see it as just being friendly. Most people find flirting with everyone like crazy to be annoying, unprofessional, and uncomfortable. Some may even wonder if such behavior may develop into outright stalking.

7.  Post questionable content photos.

If you wouldn’t share those photos with a real-life client or a supplier or a business colleague, you shouldn’t be posting those photos to your social media account. There is such a thing as being too open and friendly, in your professional life and in your personal life.

8.  Update your status update at least three or four dozen times a day — more if possible.

If your profile is linked to your business, be aware that busy people aren’t hanging around social media 24/7 waiting to read multiple status updates and tweets. What’s acceptable on a personal profile, may not be acceptable on a business-related profile. Keep that in mind when you’re wondering if you should send the latest Grumpy Cat meme out on social media.

9.  Use every comment in groups you belong to as one long-running infomercial for your product or services.

No matter what your business, social media is not a modified version of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Not every comment to a discussion should be a way to link others to what you’re selling in 6 responses or less.

10.  Block everyone who disagrees with you at the first sign of disagreement.

If you’re not willing to hear what others have to say, don’t be surprised when you don’t know how some people think. You don’t have to agree with everything that’s said — and you certainly don’t need to keep abusive people on your friends’ list — but you do have to be aware of other people’s perceptions and interpretations.

Elyse Bruce


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