Are These 5 Behaviors Killing Your Business?

It’s a fact that productivity ebbs and flows throughout the year for any number of reasons.  Sometimes the reasons are beyond our control, but sometimes they’re completely within our control.  So what are some of the reasons this happens?


Negativity has an effect on your energy levels, and takes focus off critical attention that should be paid to outstanding work that needs to be completed.  The effects from that negativity busts your morale down, and damages your ability to interact effectively with business associates and colleagues.

The solution is to nip the negativity in the bud.  Identify what the problem is, and resolve the issue responsible for creating the problem.    Sometimes fixing the problem is as simple as taking notice of the details that are interfering with overall flow of your work day.

Overwork and Overcommitment

Like everyone else, each of us only has 24 hours in a day.  There’s no sense in trying to fit more than 24 hours worth of activities into every 24-hour period.

Manage your time efficiently and effectively so you don’t find yourself agreeing to more work than you can reasonably complete to your standards.  Rely on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly calendars to keep your professional and personal life on schedule … and then stick to them.

When you learn to use the word “No” you realize that an honest “No” will garner you more respect from others than a hopeful “Yes” that will probably fall through.

Unclear Goals

Without a plan and without calendars to keep you on track, it’s nearly impossible to know where your business is headed, and how to accomplish your goals.

I compare lack of planning and lack of scheduling to getting in a car, hoping to wind up in New York or Los Angeles at some point — but you haven’t decided when ‘at some point‘ is, you aren’t sure if you want to be in New York or in Los Angeles (or maybe somewhere else you haven’t thought about yet), you don’t really know how you’ll be paying for gas and hotels, and you’re undecided as to what you’ll be doing once you get to New York or Los Angeles.

When things go wrong — as they oftentimes will with such a scenario — is it any wonder that those involved will wind up feeling frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied with what happens along the way (not to mention the disappointment at the end of the trip)?

Meddlesome Distractions

From time to time, you deal with a client who mistakenly believes that meddling in a situation is the same thing as managing a situation.  This doesn’t mean that you completely shut the door on input from  clients.  It means that you take the time to outline what are acceptable terms of work, and holding the line when the client oversteps his or her bounds.

A good client knows when to engage and when to allow the contractor to work unfettered.  And a good contractor knows when to ask for direction, how to ask for more information as needed, and to follow the parameters of the contract.

Mediocrity Rules

For some, it’s easy to go with the concept that mediocrity is good enough, and excellence is over-rated.  The fact of the matter is, mediocrity isn’t good enough.  The mediocrity rules mindset is often what leads to overcommitment because it fools one into believing that he or she can simply pop this off and toss that out and have it pass as quality work or their best work.  The more an entrepreneur subscribes to the concept of mediocrity rules, the more dissatisfied his or her quality clientele will become, leading to quality clientele moving on to another contractor.  Likewise, more and more mediocrity rules clientele will take up the entrepreneur’s time.

Final Note

If you want to pull out of the deteriorating performance downward spiral, you have to address those issues and beliefs that are dragging you down the proverbial drain.  Take a step back and re-assess how you want to do business and value the results of doing your best work in each job you undertake.

Elyse Bruce


2 Responses to “Are These 5 Behaviors Killing Your Business?”

  1. mutanatia Says:

    These also strike me as something that can be used to achieve personal goals as well, whether it’s losing 20 pounds or finding a job, or even structuring your day better! 🙂

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