Idle No More: There’s A New C.I.A. In Town

According to this website, April 26th marks the date when thousands of people will meet in Washington, D.C. to send a final, unmistakable message to President Obama.  The message will be that it’s time to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, and to make good on his promise to protect the land, water, and climate.

History has told the many stories of settlers, colonials, and North American Indians clashing over water, land, and hunting rights.  But there have been times when they have come together to protect the water, land, and hunting rights against greater dangers.

Opposition to the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline has brought communities together in 2014.  Tribes, farmers, ranchers and allies consider it their duty as stewards to conserve the land and protect the water for future generations.

The Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) has documented the discrepancies between the claims about the Keystone CL Pipeline and the realities.  The include, but are not limited to, some of the following:

  • KXL will not directly create 100,000+ jobs; it will create 3,900 short-term jobs and 50 long-term jobs.

  • KXL will not produce billions in corporate tax revenues.  Due to tax loopholes most Americans do not know about, those corporate tax revenues will be considerably less.

  • KXL will not be safe from disastrous leaks.  It will, however, be exempt from corporations paying into a key disaster insurance fund because it is “unconventional oil.”  This means that taxpayers will find themselves on the hook for billions of dollars to pay for damage done by leaks along the pipeline.

  • KXL will not make America energy independent.  Most of the tar sands oil is planned for export from the Gulf of Mexico via tankers to foreign countries.

  • KXL will not be climate neutral in spite of the claims made in an assessment prepared by an industry-linked group.  Studies claim that it will speed climate change and global instability.

A group of high schools students from Port Townsend, WA left on March 27, traveling 3,000 miles by train to the Washington, D.C. to lobby for climate action, in solidarity with the Cowboy Indian Alliance (C.I.A.). AS they cross from Washington State to Washington, D.C., they have been collecting — and will continue to collect — petitions from students across the US.  Their journey is taking them through tribal lands in North Dakota, Montana and Minnesota.

They can be found on Facebook under the moniker “Students For Sustainability” by clicking HERE.

On April 26th at 11:00 AM, the Cowboy Indian Alliance (C.I.A.) and their supporters will meet at the encampment on the National Mall.  From there, they will march together to present a hand-painted tipi to President Obama. This tipi will represent the sincere hope that he will reject the pipeline.

If, however, President Obama chooses to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and allow the pipeline to move forward, the Cowboy Indian Alliance (C.I.A.) and their supporters have promised that the action will be met with the fiercest resistance from the Cowboy Indian Alliance (C.I.A.) and their allies.  Together, they will protect our land and our water.

More details can be found by clicking THIS LINK.


First Nations Activists Join Anti-Keystone XL Rally In Washington
CBC News- 25 April 2014
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First Nations Activists Join Anti-Keystone XL Rally In Washington
MSN News – 25 April 2014
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Daily Kos website – 25 April 2014
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ABC News – 22 April 2014
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Popular Resistance website – 17 April 2014
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Elyse Bruce


One Response to “Idle No More: There’s A New C.I.A. In Town”

  1. mutanatia Says:

    On the list that you have of “you hear this, but actually it’s that,” where do you think information came from? I can imagine part of it is the company doing the pipeline, but are there any other sources of disinformation? Further, how does disinformation become accepted somehow as accurate information?

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