The New Prince Has Arrived

The 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards took place recently and there’s a new name among the recognized established names that’s rising quickly.  This soon-to-be 25-year-old (his birthday is May 11) American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer from the Bronx is putting his stamp on the music charts.  Who am I talking about?  Geoffrey Royce Rojas aka Prince Royce (his stage name).

Think of his sound as one that’s current while still holding firmly to latin rhythms and dance styles with a touch of Cat Stevens and James Taylor of the 70s to tie it all together.

He’s garnering a following of English and Spanish-speaking listeners, and at this year’s awards, he took home no fewer than four awards including Hot Latin songs male artist of the year, Latin Pop Songs Artist of the Year (solo), and Streaming Song of the Year for his song “Darte Un Beso.”

Here are a few more things you may not know about this artist.  His rendition of “Stand By Me” recorded in Spanglish became the first bachata song to ever be played on mainstream American radio.  His self-titled debut album, “Prince Royce” went platinum, and it was the number one Tropical Album for 13 weeks in a row back in 2010.  His song “Nada” hit 1 million views on April 2.

And finally, he’s a judge on La Voz Kids aired on Telemundo, that gives kids aged 7 to 15 a chance at winning a $50,000 cash prize to be put towards their education.

It’s going to be interesting to watch where the next five years takes this talented young artist.  In the meantime, you may want to add his songs to your playlist and join the Kingdom of Royce.

You can find Prince Royce online on the following social media as well as at his website.

On Instagram:
On Facebook:
On Twitter:

Elyse Bruce


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