Dude … The Door

Preston Leatherman‘s newest EP “Shut The Funk Door” is being released on iTunes and other major download portals on Monday, May 12 and if the tracks James Lucente of Lucente Entertainment shared with me are any indication of what we can expect from Preston Leatherman, we’re in for another treat from a young artist who isn’t afraid to be himself in person and in his music.

With two of the three songs I heard, Preston seems to be channeling the best of blue-eyed soul and funk, reminiscent of [Daryl] Hall and [John] Oates of the early 1980s with a soupçon of Earth, Wind and Fire.  The third song carries the spirit of Michael Jackson with it from his early 1980s music.

The danceability of the tracks are, without a doubt, quickly becoming a trademark signature of Preston’s writing and arranging style.

Now I haven’t got any links to music videos that I can share with my readers and visitors, but I can assure you that once I do, I’ll be posting one or two along with this article.  But what I do have is a link to Preston’s SoundCloud page where you can get a taste of what to expect by listening to the preview posted on Saturday.

Just CLICK HERE to hear it for yourself!

The artist who danced his way into your lives with his Dancing With An iPod series continues to dance up a storm.  Maybe it’s time for Lucente Entertainment to run a contest encouraging fans to record themselves dancing with their iPods to Preston Leatherman songs.  I’m sure they’d have an avalanche of entries!

Elyse Bruce


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