This Device Of Destruction

People interested in making a name for themselves in the creative arts are always wondering how to get loads of attention from the masses.  Some do outrageous things that border on the unlawful.  Others adopt a persona that’s so bizarre that the media fixates on these human train wrecks.  But some march to the beat of their own drummer.  And that is exactly what Gary Turk did.

Gary is a writer, director and spoken word performer.  He’s young — only 27 years old.  And he seems to have an affinity for old school typewriters with ribbons and keys that don’t always do what the typist thinks they should be doing.

He has ONE YouTube video to his name … a thought-provoking video that was uploaded a month ago.

The thing to remember here is that Gary Turk has a message he believes in.  He put pen to paper (or rather, typewriter key to ribbon to paper) and composed a poem from the heart.  He didn’t write something that he thought might appeal to the masses.  He didn’t write something that sounded like all the other money-making material on the market.  He wrote a piece that was sincere and heartfelt.

The result is that a month after uploading his first YouTube video, his channel with only one video has nearly 40 MILLION views on it.

He has 320,000 LIKES and 10,000 DISLIKES.

In the end, a quick visit to his website reveals a humble artist who loves to create beautiful art.  He invests himself in creating the best art he can produce, and it shows in what he has produced to date.

It’s artists like Gary Turk that prove that success isn’t about chasing big bucks and the limelight.  Success is about being true to yourself, admitting your frailties, moving forward with your strengths, and reaching out to others who may find something valuable in what you have to share.

Set aside some quiet time. Click on the video, and watch it without interruption.  See it for the piece of art it is.  Then click on the video again, and this time watch it for the simplicity of the message, in images and in words.  Then click on the video a third time, and watch it with a critical eye.  Click it one more time, and learn from the message behind the message, and that message is this:  Being yourself will always trump being a flawed copy of anyone else.

Elyse Bruce




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