The Secret Ingredient

On June 30th, the most recent Missy Barrett Adventure book, “The Secret Ingredient” was published.  The story is based on a status update that my friend, Kevin Schofield aka the Tennessee Cree posted as a status update.  In a nutshell, Kevin shared what the secret ingredient was when it came to excellent cooking.

Now, I won’t say that I hadn’t heard similar things to what Kevin wrote as a status update, because I’ve heard variations on that very theme.  As an author, however, I saw an opportunity to blend his status update into a Missy Barrett story.  To bring you up to speed on what the story is about, here’s the cover and a brief synopsis.


Missy wouldn’t dream of passing up a chance to visit her grandparents.  Trips to visit them are always fun, but they’re more fun when Grandma’s making Nôhkom’s Artisan bread and chocolate chip cookies.  But baking isn’t just about making bread and cookies.  It’s about sharing and making memories, as well as discussing important matters.  The discussion weaves its way through the meals made in Fat Daddy’s Kitchen in Chicago and how Missy’s Grandma and Grandpa first met.  Then Missy shares a secret with her Grandma.  Missy knows what Grandma’s secret ingredient is.  Do you know what it is?

This story is close to my heart for a number of reasons.  For one, the relationship between Missy and her maternal grandparents is shared with readers.  For another, her views on her cousin, Sammy, who is diagnosed with autism speaks volumes to the true nature of children.  And lastly, it involves making chocolate chip cookies.

Readers also find out who Fat Daddy is and how it is that Missy knows about his kitchen in Chicago.  And how Missy’s material grandparents met is the sort of story that, as children, we all liked to hear told to us.

The paperback edition can be bought for $4.95 USD from Amazon via this link, and in eBook format for $1.49 USD via this link.

If you’d like to visit Missy Barrett’s blog, just click on this link to get to her site.  She publishes a new entry every Wednesday, and just like last year, part of Missy’s summer will be spent in Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains.

Elyse Bruce



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