Amazing Adventures For All

Over the last few weeks, I’ve written about the Amazing Adventures anthology that award-winning novelist/screenwriter/journalist/producer, Joel Mark Harris is editing.  The last of the illustrations I’ve been working on for this compilation were completed and sent on to Joel.  All that’s left for the authors of the 12 stories in this anthology and I to do is to wait for news on the publication date this summer.

I have to say that up until this commission, I hadn’t had occasion to illustrate, sketch, or paint any firearms.  Without a doubt, that was the one concern I had in accepting this commission.  It’s one thing to paint or illustrate something you’re familiar with, but it’s quite another thing to paint or illustration something you’re unfamiliar with.

I’m not a gun owner.  I don’t go to gun shows.  I know what a shooting range looks like, but I’ve never been a member of such establishments.  In other words, my understanding of guns is thanks to what little I’ve gleaned from television shows and movies where people are wont to wave them around and shoot indiscriminately at others.

Now, let it never be said that I don’t put a lot of research into my work.  Obviously I do as these three revolvers prove.

3 Revolvers
These two proved to be challenging but when all was said and done, they worked out just as well as the other three.

2 Revolvers
There’s also the matter of an assault rifle in another story that found its way into one of the other illustrations, and a helicopter.

The balance of the illustrations didn’t need guns or rifles, but were nonetheless challenging in their own ways.  After all, not every pulp fiction adventure needs a firearm.

And so, this week on Arts Sunday, I’m sharing the poster montage showcasing all 12 short story illustrations.  The cover, however, will be revealed separately … as soon as the anthology is available for purchase.



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