A White Man Does What?

Over the months, the Idle No More movement has become a global movement. Started by four women in Saskatchewan who were concerned about the Bills the government of Canada was passing that affected not only First Nations peoples, but ultimately, all people, they decided to make an impactful difference.

Back in the early days of Idle No More, author Thomas D. Taylor not only supported the movement, but wrote about the movement from a personal perspective. His OpEd pieces were published and republished in mainstream and alternate media, and he was welcomed by the INM community.

This collection of essays — one of which was previously unpublished — are his reflections of events as they unfolded at the time they happened. He is embraced as an ally who isn’t afraid to call things the way he sees them.

You can buy your eBook copy of his book by clicking HERE as well as the paperback copy of his book HERE or HERE.

And as the Taylor writes on the back cover of his book: “Members of the human race are encouraged to read this book. But be warned: doing so may cause you to develop an open mind.”

Idle No More_Book Cover_FRONT_SMALL


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