An Amazing Cover Reveal

Cover reveals are exactly what you think they are.  The covers of soon-to-be released books are revealed in the days leading up to the book’s launch date.

Since April, I’ve posted articles about the upcoming “Amazing Adventures” anthology, sometimes talking about the pulp fiction genre and sometimes talking about the illustrations.

April 6, 2014
Style Is Everything

This article provided an easy-to-follow synopsis of the genre, and shared the names of some popular authors who not only wrote in the style for which they are best known, but who also wrote pulp fiction.    Authors such as Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Agatha Christie, Arthur C. Clark, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert A. Heinlein, Mark Twain, H.G. Wells, and Tennessee Williams.

April 13, 2014
Being Creative Is Serious Business

The following week, I wrote about — and shared — some of the illustrations “Amazing Adventures.”  I wrote about the importance of paying attention to details and being serious about the work while remembering to set aside some time to have fun and cast seriousness aside from time to time.

May 04, 2014
It’s In The Details

With so many short stories to illustrate, each story brought with it its own demands in terms of style and presentation.  While some may say a gun is a gun is a gun, that’s not so.  A weapon is as unique in appearance as the person holding — and using — it, but especially so in literature.  What’s interesting here is that one of the illustrations discussed was subsequently replaced be another illustration that I felt was more representative of the story.  And why would I do a second illustration for a short story when both the author and editor were pleased with the first version?  Because a successful illustration is one where the artist realizes that it’s in the details.

June 3, 2014
It Starts With An Attitude

While this article wasn’t just about “Amazing Adventures” per se, I wrote about optimism v pessimism v realism in working with so many authors and an editor as we forged ahead to create a cohesive anthology.  Once again, I addressed the point that details were of paramount importance because they are.

July 13, 2014
Amazing Adventures For All

Knowing that everything was finally falling into place as I put my pencils and sketches and brushes and paints to rest (but only for a short period as I am currently illustrating a children’s book), it was time to mention not only the stories but some of the details about the illustrations.  Thanks to the challenges and opportunities that “Amazing Adventures” brought into my life, I have a new-found understanding and appreciation for weapons (not to mention a rather impressive collection of weaponry sketches to draw upon should the need arise to illustrate more murder-mystery stories in 2015).

And this takes us to today’s article titled, “An Amazing Cover Reveal.”

Not only did I create the illustrations for 12 stories (one of which was mine, “All The Sleepy Dancers Gone”), I also created the illustrations for the front and back covers.  The most challenging part of illustrating the front cover was that I wanted it to be an inclusive cover.  In other words, I wanted the illustration to be one that any (or all) of the main characters in each of the stories could be drawn to for any number of reasons.

The sheets are elegant and inviting.  The revolver is both expensive and aesthetic while at the same time cold and menacing.  The billfold is one that doesn’t stand out in a crowd.  And the money … well, with authors from so many locales, and with characters from so many locales, it made perfect sense to have American and Canadian dollars alongside Euros … for those quick escapes across the border … any border.  And if you’re going to escape, a passport is imperative regardless of whether it’s a legitimate passport or a counterfeit.

And so, with no further delays, I am revealing the  cover for the “Amazing Adventures” anthology, available for purchase next Tuesday, August 19 at major online bookstores and at major download portals everywhere.

Cover Idea #1_Small

Stay tuned as next week, I’ll have more news about this book along with links to where you can buy a copy for your private library.  I’ll also have a couple other nice surprises … and all of them related to this book!

Elyse Bruce



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