What’s APPlicable?

It’s Business Tuesday again, and today’s topic happens to be two brand new apps!  Yes, I know that I usually talk about the more human aspect of business, and it may seem odd to readers and visitors to read an article on apps, but rest assured there’s a human aspect to what I’m sharing.

The first app was created by three teens from Georgia.  Three savvy teens who thought having a police-themed app would prove helpful came up with a Yelp-influenced app that allows users to post feedback — good and not so good — about police interactions in a person’s community.  The creators are sisters 16-year-old Ima and 15-year-old Asha, and their brother, 14-year-old Caleb Christian.

According to Ima, this is a positive solution app that even provides a “Know Your Rights” tab with a summary of what rights an individual has when stopped by the police and removes much of the confusion that can sometimes come from interacting with the police.  Rather than polarize the police and the community, this app is meant to draw them together because positive interactions rarely lead to negative reactions.

Taking a page out of pop culture, they aptly named the app, “Five-O.”  And yes, the app is available for all formats.

Kudos to these entrepreneurial teens for seeing a problem and creating a positive solution to address that problem.

The second app is one that also saw a problem that needed to be addressed.  Sharon Standifird in Texas decided that instead of dealing with the frustration and worry that came with her teens not answering her calls and texts in a timely fashion, she would find a way to take that issue to task and wrestle it to the ground.

Much less tech savvy than the Georgia teens, Sharon — who didn’t even know how to code — researched how to develop an app and created “Ignore No More.”  The app allows parents to lock their children’s cellphones until they call back.  Once the lock is put on the phone, a user can only make one of two calls:  a call to the parent or a call to 911 in case of emergencies.

Everything else on the phone is inaccessible.  No more texting. No more gaming.  No more phoning friends.  No talking to friends if you’re in the middle of a phone conversation.  No more surfing the Internet.  Not until the phone is unlocked and for that to happen, all user has to do is do an E.T. and phone home.

The best part about this app is that no developer can take it off the phone once it’s been installed.  It can’t be disabled.  It can’t be modified.  And anyone trying to hack the app is going to be in for a world of woah!

And like the first app that has a “Know Your Rights” tab, the second app has an exhaustive FAQ tab.

Currently “Ignore No More” is only avaialble on Android, however, the iOS version will be available very soon.

What I like about both these apps is that people who saw a need didn’t let inexperience or age or anything else prevent them from creating a workable solution to address the need they identified.  The siblings, while tech savvy, don’t have life’s experience on their side; the mom, while parent savvy, didn’t have tech abilities on her side.  Both parties found ways to address those shortcomings to achieve their goals.

This is what success is all about:  effort, dedication, and focus.  As long as you keep the goal in sight, and no matter how many times you may fail in your journey to achieve the goal, it is inevitable that you will eventually succeed in your mission.  Don’t lose sight of what matters to you as an entrepreneur.

Elyse Bruce


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