Indians Live In Tipis

Missy Barrett is a delightful fictional child who has her own unique take on life.  She is fiercely loyal to her family and friends, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to find ways to resolve issues amicably with others.  In June, Book 3 in the Missy Barrett Adventures series for young readers was published:  The Secret Ingredient.  The book is selling well in Canada and abroad, and has garnered Missy Barrett even more fans — from young readers to parents to grandparents!

Now, Book 2 in the Missy Barrett Conversation series is available as a Paperback and as an eBook:  Indians Live In Tipis.

Book Description
The Missy Barrett Conversations series is written for older readers who have fallen in love with Missy’s outlook and insights on life.  The more you read about this fictional child, the more you want to know about this fictional child … and the more you want to introduce her to others.

Missy Barrett first appeared as a 5-year-old secondary character in the novel, “Glass On A Stick” and it wasn’t long before she became a break-out favorite with readers.  From the first time readers met her, they embraced the energy and inquisitive nature that were central to her character.

Missy_Glass On A Stick
The first Missy Barrett ConversationBarracudas and Impalas — was a rollicking telephone conversation with her Grandpa, all about the classic car show she had just attended with her mom, Josh and Aaron (her older brothers), and their mom’s friend, Roy.  What readers didn’t know about Bonnie and Clyde or the President of the USA amazed and entertained readers as Missy regaled her Grandpa (and readers) with everything she learned while at the classic car show. Whether readers were classic car owners or just fans of great cars in general, what Missy had to say about good old-fashioned automotive ingenuity rekindled their passion for cars of days gone by.

In her latest telephone conversation with her Grandpa, she turns to him for guidance after being told by a classmate that her grandfather can’t be a Mohawk anymore because he doesn’t live in a tipi like they do on television and in the movies.  Regardless of what the answer is, Missy’s mission is to ensure that her Grandpa can be who he is.

The book is a breezy 58 pages long, and is available in Paperback at $4.95 by clicking HERE as well as in eBook format at $1.49 by clicking HERE.  If you already know Missy Barrett from her blog, you know you’re going to love this book.  And if you don’t know Missy Barrett yet, you’ll be a fan once you read this book.  So click through and buy a copy of “Indians Live In Tipis” as well as any other Missy Barrett stories!



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