4 Brainstorming Strategies That Work

Business is sometimes about brainstorming and re-inventing way to improve marketplace positioning.  Brainstorming, being a creative process, sometimes requires an extra boost to yield creative solutions.

Meditate Every Day

Meditation has a bad reputation.  Most people envision meditation as being incongruous with business practices because they imagine those meditating as sitting cross-legged on the floor, hands resting comfortably on their knees, middle fingers and thumbs gently touching, and the melodic sounds of “oohm” in the air.

Meditation in this context is actually written or spoken comments that are carefully considered and that focus on a single subject.  It is contemplative and reflective.  It is, in fact, nothing more than a calm thinking over of what has already come to pass.

Declutter Your Space

It’s nearly impossible to meditate when the space in which you plan to meditate is cluttered.  If you plan on meditating, you’ll need to clear off your desk, and file important papers away to disconnect any potential worries from impinging on your meditation.  Open the windows to clear out the musty smells or close the windows to block outside noises that will distract you.

If music helps you process your thoughts, listen to instrumental music.  Refrain from having music with lyrics as the words will distract you from your meditation.  And make sure that you aren’t meditating on an empty stomach.  Nothing will distract as quickly or as completely as a space inside suggesting menu items to your mind as you brainstorm.

Get Unwired

When people talk about being wired, they mean technology and all its connections.  In fact, those who are techno savvy love to point out that there are 8 current technologies that, in their opinion, spell out your success or failure in business.  These 8 technologies are:  smartphones, 4G wireless broadband, cloud computing, voice command and eye-tracking technology, augmented reality, social networking, 3D printing, and autonomous cars.

The problem with being connected to this degree throughout the workday and in the work environment, is that it interferes with the space needed for proper meditation.  Disconnect from technology.  Become unwired for a few minutes during each workday.  Let technology happen without your involvement.  The end results will more than confirm the need to continue being unwired.

Search For The Absurd

Make time each week to source out at least one random weird-but-true fact.  What you didn’t know may astound you, and you may find your new-found knowledge spurs you to consider previously overlooked opportunities.

For example, it’s a fact that men landed on the moon before manufacturers thought of putting wheels on suitcases.  I know, weird, huh?  Did you know that can openers were invented fifty years after cans were invented?   Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest … and lost!  And in March of this year, 6 years worth of video was published on YouTube every single day (it’s probably more now 8 months later).

Imagine what might pop up unexpectedly while you meditate when you open your mind to the absurd, and consider whether it may actually be something worthy investigating further.  Who knows?  You may be the first person to come up with something so simple, you’ll be shocked no one before you came up with the idea!

Final Note

Stepping away from the everyday allows you, as an entrepreneur and small business owner, to see things in a different light.  Rather than run the rat race the way everyone else seems to be running it, step out of the stream of thought and find your own oasis of inspiration.  The innovators and inventors of the centuries have always been those who weren’t running with the pack all the time.  Remember that.

Elyse Bruce


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