A Week From Today

Of all the fictional characters that have come to life in my short stories and novels, it’s Missy Barrett that strikes a positive chord with the young and the young at heart.  Mostly it’s because she’s a no-nonsense, down-to-earth child with a positive outlook on life and the ability to break even the most complex matters down into more digestible realities.

She has her own blog on WordPress that you can find by clicking HERE, and she has her own fan page on Facebook that you can find by clicking HERE.

Next week is Christmas Eve, and today, Missy takes to her blog to discuss what that means to her.  You’ll want to check it out and share the link with friends and family because what Missy has to say is something that needs to be heard at this time of year.

Missy Barrett at 9_LARGE
With such a big heart, wouldn’t you like to find out what’s going on in Missy’s world every Wednesday throughout the year?  For a weekly slice of Missy Barrett insight, click FOLLOW and every Wednesday, you’ll be in for a treat.

Elyse Bruce


One Response to “A Week From Today”

  1. ArtieQ Says:

    Can’t wait! Hugs, Missy. Artie Q

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