Christmas In 5 … 4 … 3 …

Everywhere on Facebook and on other social media, I see people posting that they didn’t realize Christmas is just days away and they haven’t started shopping yet.  Others have started but feel they are way behind in getting the people on their list checked off.  And a few claim they have it all under control but that they still need to pick up a few little things here and there.

Elsewhere on Facebook and on other social media, I see people already discussing their New Year resolutions for 2015.  Some are going to go with the traditional weight loss or smoke cessation resolutions while others are coming up with more inventive resolutions.  What I’ve noticed from year to year, however, is that people come into the holidays feeling as if they haven’t quite accomplished in that year what they set out to accomplish.

Missy Barrett (the ever delightful fictional child that I not only write books about but who has her own blog site on WordPress and her own Facebook page) is all about celebrating accomplishments and seeing the bright side of life no matter how dismal it seems from time to time.  This year, she had a great fictional idea that I turned into reality.

Wouldn’t it be great next Christmas to have a number of great things to look back on that happened in 2015?

Wouldn’t it be great next Christmas to take a little time off from holiday gift giving shopping sprees and commercialized celebrating to acknowledge the great moments brought to you by you in 2015?

Yeah, I thought so, too (after getting the idea from Missy Barrett).

That’s why this year, you can still pick up this great book (for ONLY $5.95) on Amazon and CreateSpace to sneak under the Christmas tree for your loved ones as well as for yourself.


The book is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches with lots of place to write and either draw a picture or paste a photo with one page dedicated to each week in 2015!  What a great way to build your very own personal time capsule!!!

You might think it’s too late to order books in time for Christmas but the fact of the matter is that if you order today, you’ll get those books delivered by Tuesday, December 23.  Order tomorrow, and you’ll get them by Wednesday, December 24.  And if you’re ordering them to kick off the New Year, you have even more time to get those orders in!

Share the info on this awesome book with your friends who are tying up loose ends on gift giving.  You’ll be glad you did, and they’ll be glad you did as well.

Elyse Bruce

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